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Mainstreaming gender equality into operations

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Mainstreaming gender equality into operations

UNICEF’s operations and management practices have a direct impact on its performance on gender mainstreaming. UNICEF makes gender equality a consideration in its information management, performance management, human resources policy and practice and its budget and supply management, within the overall results-orientated framework of its MTSP.

Holding ourselves accountable

The UNICEF Executive Director oversees the application of this policy, supported by a senior-level Gender Equality Task Force. Members of the Global Leadership Team are accountable to the Executive Director for implementation, while senior and mid-level managers implement and monitor the policy.

Progress in implementing the Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) foundation strategy on Gender Equality, and the attainment of the corresponding results in the MTSP Results Framework, is reported to the Executive Board through the Executive Director’s Annual Report and any other agreed mechanisms.

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