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Accountability mechanisms
The UNICEF Executive Director oversees the application of this policy, supported by a senior-level, global Gender Equality Task Force. This Task Force, chaired by the Director, Policy and Practice and comprised of Deputy Directors from Headquarters and Regional Offices, promotes, supports and monitors the application of this policy and the implementation of the MTSP foundation strategy on Gender Equality, reporting to the Executive Director and the Global Leadership Team.
The Executive Director also guides UNICEF action in accordance with this policy, such that the management, intellectual and organizational culture reflects commitment and dynamism to advance the equal rights of girls and boys, accountability and professional responsibility are exercised at all levels, and that UNICEF uses the most effective mechanisms to plan, monitor and report upon its contributions to promoting equality between women and men, girls and boys, through programme cooperation, advocacy and partnerships.
Each Country Office undertakes a Gender Equality Assessment or Review of the UNICEF-assisted country programme at least once during each programme cycle. This assessment covers both programme and operational aspects, and its outcomes are fed into planning, programme design and reporting processes.
The UNDG Gender Equality Scorecard, adapted to UNICEF usage, is completed by Country Offices as part of their collaboration with the UNCT. Its outcomes inform planning and reporting processes.
A Gender Equality Community of Practice, comprising the global network of Gender Focal Points, Gender Focal Point Teams (in larger offices) and/ or Gender Experts, supports managers in exercising their accountabilities under this policy. Each office will adopt one of these mechanisms for ensuring good practice in gender equality in its work.

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