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Budget and supply
UNICEF uses budget mechanisms, including the gender marker20, to monitor and report upon the implementation of its commitments for gender equality. We consult with partners and update these mechanisms on an ongoing basis.
Programme staff promote the inclusion in agreed budgets, wherever appropriate, of targeted funding for activities that support equal outcomes for girls and boys. They use gender and child-responsive budgeting methods in order to assess the need for such funds and to track their disbursement and impact.
UNICEF works closely with funding partners to ensure that available funds support and promote UNICEF’s gender equality mandate; and allocates these to programme cooperation activities in agreement with partners, commensurately with the gender equality results described in the Focus Areas of the MTSP Results Framework, including sufficient funds for adequate monitoring of gender equality results.
UNICEF offices pay explicit attention to the resources needed for gender mainstreaming, and include in their fundraising strategies, information to attract funding for gender equality goals.
In procuring supplies, including from field level suppliers, UNICEF implements its commitment to gender equality and women’s and girls’ rights by favoring companies that comply with ILO conventions on employment rights of women and men, and international norms and standards on their terms and conditions of employment21.
UNICEF ensures that the standard minimum inventory of supplies (especially items such as clothing and hygienic provision) includes items identified as priorities for girls and women. Its emergency kit composition also reflects the specific needs of girls and women.
UNICEF monitors the distribution of supplies to help ensure that they reach women and girls equally with men and boys.

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