Working for an equal future

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Deploying human capacity
Interview panels scrutinize the skills, commitment and experience of candidates for recruitment to verify their ability to contribute substantively to the promotion of gender equality in line with this policy. UNICEF also ensures that the capacities needed to implement the policy are available to and within each office. This is supported by job descriptions that include the requirement to contribute to its goals in specified ways. Capacity needs for gender equality programming are assessed regularly and reflected in office management and training plans.
The professional capacities to implement this policy include: conceptual clarity on the rationale for gender equality in UNICEF’s work and on gender analysis methods; understanding and competence among managers and supervisors of their specific responsibilities under this policy19; and understanding and competence among staff of the ways in which this policy is reflected in their respective tasks. For most staff, this involves introducing the outcomes of gender analysis into decision-making, knowledge generation and information-sharing.
Staff are individually responsible, with the support of their supervisors, for contributing to the implementation of the principles and expectations of this policy at their specific level and as adapted – by them and their supervisors - to their specific tasks. This is tracked through the performance assessment process. Individual work plans include activities designed by staff and their supervisors to promote gender equal outcomes.

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