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No 11 (104) 2011 FOR BOLSHEVISM-AUCPB website:
Dear friends, comrades in the party,
 in the communist movement and our
 supporters abroad!
The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks congratulate you on the 94th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution which opened a new era in human history – an era of possibilities of a world without wars, violence, exploitation, an era of freedom of each individual proletarian, every honest worker, an era of confidence in the morrow.
On this momentous day, we congratulate all of our allies in the struggle for socialism against imperialist expansion and gangsterism of the U.S. and their stooges in the world. We congratulate all those who today found the strength and courage to stand up and fight for their social rights taken away by imperialism in connection with the temporary victory of counterrevolution in the USSR in the late twentieth century. We congratulate the landmark date of courageous journalists- communists and publishers of communist press abroad - our esteemed comrades- Bolsheviks in France, England, India, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Brazil, Canada and other countries of the globe. We wish all our colleagues in the struggle, good health and strength of spirit, hardness of belief, and goals. After the darkness, the sun always rises. We believe in our victory over the evil and hatred of the powerful who are plundering the wealth of all continents. We believe in the speedy, historically inevitable triumph of SOCIALISM over anti-human exhausted capitalism, pushing humanity into an abyss of oblivion. The socialist revolution by history itself already on the agenda of civilization!
So boldly forward and with firmer steps!
Let our ranks start spreading and strengthen our unity!
Long live our common struggle for SOCIALISM!
Long live the inevitable Socialist Revolution!
Victory will be OURS!

All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
(Our position)

The election campaign for the State Duma of the Russian Federation officially commenced with the adoption of the August 29 decree on the election on December 4, 2011, by President Dmitry Medvedev

The election race has begun for the votes of the naive electorate that every five years get to decide, in the words of Lenin, "which member of the ruling class is to repress and crush the people through parliament - this is the real essence of bourgeois parliamentarism" (V.I. Lenin works vol.33, p.46, Russian), then to talk away in parliament "with the express purpose to cheat the "common people"(ibid.).
At the elections to the State Duma, along with the ruling party "United Russia", are the following political parties - the "Fair Russia", the LDPR and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, as well as "Right Cause", "Yabloka" and "Patriots of Russia". Other parties have been removed from the Duma elections.
Only registered parties are allowed to take part in the elections by the grace of the ruling powers (recall the cynical revelations by oligarch Deripaska – about the need to "discard any fairy tales about democracy, that supposedly someone decides something by going to the voting booth ... It is clear that the economy, and major competitive business can not take such a great risk - the arbitrary appointment of managers of the state apparatus, as the spirit lay.")
The ruling power in the face of the party "United Russia", with the support of other parties fed by it, in order to create the appearance of stability of the regime, have eliminated the single-mandate districts, the tick box "AGAINST ALL CANDIDATES" and the threshold turnout of voters, i.e., have deprived citizens of the latter possibility with an election, to protest against the current policy. Now, any election will be recognized as legitimate as the power itself, whatever the outcome of a vote, even if all the people are AGAINST the election, and that is what is it after all, as indeed only a quarter of the population are willing to participate in this farce.
These elections are sham elections. Elections without choice. A farce, played out by the authorities for brainwashing workers and the legitimization of the regime.
Any participation in this farce we see as complicity in all the crimes committed by government against the people since the coming to power of the bourgeoisie - or the victory of the counterrevolution.
"United Russia" is the party of oligarchic capital, the party of anti-people, anti-national, hostile to people and Fatherland, who came to power in a bourgeois counter-revolution, the blood of the people, by destroying the country, its sell-off to their Western masters. "The People's elected representatives," the current State Duma are the billionaires and millionaires from "United Russia" taking first place in the ranking of Forbes "Power and money - 2010" and led "the richest three" list of 10 richest members.
"Fair Russia" – is a Kremlin project, with the pseudo-bourgeois party rhetoric, created before the last election to withdraw the left electorate from the Communist Party. The ruling government is trying to form on the western European model, a two-party system, but the project has failed because of its falsity.
Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) is party of big business, covering itself with pseudo-Russian and pseudo-social rhetoric. The Liberal Democratic Party since its inception participate in all the crimes of the ruling authorities, aimed at destroying the country.
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) is a Party of Social-democratic type, ranting on for capitalism with a "human face", for some reforms in the framework of bourgeois society in order to stabilize it. The top echelons of the Communist Party are the former supreme nomenclature of the pre-perestroika CPSU and during the restoration of capitalism has done everything to save capitalism and the bloody regime of Yeltsin's dictatorship.
"Yabloka" and "Right Cause" (Chairman of the "Right Cause" oligarch Prokhorov party members at the last congress were expelled from the party on the shout of the Kremlin, appropriating from them the transferred to the account of the party sum of 800 million rubles) is a right-wing liberal party, bankrupt in the eyes of voters and participating in the election by the grace of the Kremlin, having 1-2% of the electorate, and obviously not going to the Duma.
"Patriots of Russia" is a splinter from the pro-Zyuganov "People's Patriotic Union of Russia", headed by oligarch G. Semigin, not sharing with Zyuganov the candidate for president of Russia on the eve of the last elections.
All parties involved in these dirty parliamentary games, also squandered many billions of peoples rubles to then divide among themselves coveted parliamentary seats, and have long lost any credibility with working people. All of them are climbing to power, to gain access to the coveted parliamentary bottomless trough, further robbing the country at the expense of the impoverishment of working people.
The ruling party "United Russia", losing each year all its support even among its own brainwashed electorate, dubbed by the people as the party of crooks and thieves, feverishly since the spring of this year, concocted the "All-Russia Popular Front," "driving" (administratively) into it the lured by the authorities' social organizations "in order to somehow save face in the eyes of voters and ensure the "turnout" during elections. Experts say that this performance with the "Popular Front" (only 5% of the respondents regard it positively) and the "primaries" (which was heard, according to opinion polls, makes up only 1% of the population), at most, can "add" to the ruling power two 3% of the votes.
The CPRF posing as a Communist Party, in fact, is essentially a party of big business, which sells passing seats in their list to businessmen. Almost in every region, the first or the second number in the list of the CPRF will be a representative of a large or medium-sized businesses. Thus, in Novosibirsk region, the second number on the list of the Communist Party will be owner of JSC "Mayak", management of the company GK F1, big businessman Alexander Abalakov (note that he was a member of the regional council of the Communist Party, but later defected to the faction "United Russia" and in the following regional elections, was already on the "United Russia’s" list), in Yakutia - Deputy General Director of JSC "Transstroy-East", Arthur Alexeev. Also retaining seats in the Duma, are former chairman of Yukos, oligarch Sergei Muravlenko (according to the magazine Forbes-2004, with a fortune estimated at about $ 340 million) and the former owner of the "Railway Construction Company-1" and OOO "SpetsStroy-Rusavia", Igor Edel. In Kemerovo, the list is headed by businessman-industrialist from Moscow, the owner of the corporation "Sobko and Company", Duma deputy, Sergei Sobko.
The CPRF as with "United Russia", is also concerned about the decline of popular support and in a hurry made its "people’s militia" from its naive electorate (mostly – retired people), to firmly secure their votes in the election.
The people with contempt reject all these "fronts" and such "elections" (according to opinion polls - two thirds of the population), accompanied by dirty technology, vote rigging, vote buying, etc., etc., in order to obtain lucrative little seats in the Duma.
Predictions by the AUCPB have come true regarding the establishment and registration of "Rot Front" (Red Front) under the auspices of the RCWP leader Victor Tyulkin (Statement of the Central Committee of the AUCPB from 24/02/2010, "Rot Front. Will working people unite for the sake of parliamentary games? About the RCWP initiative to create "Rot Front").”
Despite the three founding congress of "Rot Front" (so much money was spent on those!), despite the fact that the RCWP helpfully "merged" with the regime of (Centre "E") of the list of all of the organizations and party comrades, and in spite of the six (!) attempts to register with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Tyulkin was denied access to the parliamentary trough.
However, this did not dampen the "hot" dust of the petty nomenclature of the RCWP, increasingly falling back on parliamentary cretinism due to its unbridled desire for power at any cost of funding its activities through income from a parliamentary seat. The RCWP after the failure of the registration of "Rot Front", again ventured, as in previous elections into the Duma, the unscrupulous secret talks with the leaders of the CPRF to get its passage to a seat on its list, furnishing the talks, as always, with plausible goals, as if it is about seat for trade union leaders (who, according to them, we note, did not empower the RCWP to conduct such negotiations).
As expected, the CPRF nomenklatura did not want to give the RCWP even a single impassable parliamentary seat, as the campaigning by the RCWP to vote for the CPRF is unable to add the last one-tenth of one percent of the electorate, by reason of which in the last election the CPRF "excluded" the RCWP as candidates to the State Duma – as an irrelevancy.
Trade union leaders also saw that the notorious "Rot Front" had failed to get into the Duma, and crossed over to others. Thus, the leader of the Interregional Trade Union of the automobile industry (MPRA) Alexei Etmanov goes to the polls on the list of "Fair Russia". Also on the list of "Fair Russia" is union leader of "Unity" of AvtoVAZ, Petr Zolotarev. This was predictable from the very beginning of the registration "Rot Front".
Not surprisingly, the RCWP responded to these decisions leaders of militant trade unions in the country not with harsh criticism (it would be frivolous to expect that from the RCWP), but with approval – and this, according to the RCWP, and is the "workers' participation in politics" (?!!). The leaders of the RCWP have completely "forgotten" Lenin teaching the workers in a spirit of intolerance towards opportunism and compromise, the greatest integrity, and - as a consequence - loyalty to the workers' cause.
The RCWP is cunning and deceiving the gullible of their party members (especially - young left), as was the case with "Rot Front", that if negotiations with the CPRF were held for the sake of trade union participation in the elections. As explained by Alexei Etmanov in an interview with "Trade Unions Today", they made a proposal to him like the CPRF and the party "Fair Russia" did, but he opted for the latter.
Participation in fictitious elections of militant union leaders on the list of explicitly pro-Kremlin parties of big capital indicates a low level of their consciousness, their susceptibility to opportunism and compromise with the bourgeois government, that the latter need. Neither of which actually develop the class struggle in this case and that can not even be considered.
All the communist and truly patriotic opposition calls on people to boycott the elections to the Duma, and ACTIVELY boycott them.
Boycott of elections without choice will promote a closer unity of all healthy forces of society in the fight against the anti-people regime, liberation from parliamentary illusions of a small mass still zombified voters, exposing the compromising parties declaring or cherishing the hope of participating in elections in the bourgeois parliament.
More and more voters are inclined to think in general not to go to the polls. Of course, you can come to the polls and write a statement to exclude ones name from the list of voters - as a form of protest against the sham elections.
But it's best to come in and wipe out the bulletin and to spoil it, so that they cannot be used, especially the "United Russia" for vote rigging and "high" turnout results.
During the campaign, the Communists must carry out the most active agitation, propaganda and organizational work among the masses. It should be explained to the masses the futility of elections under the rules of the financial oligarchy, the illegitimacy of the present bourgeois regime, the need to fight for their rights through mass protests.
Our strategic goal is socialist revolution, the way out to a revolutionary situation in real dual power and transfer of all power to the Soviets. In Russia during the struggle for power, the working class and its allies have to create their own, new, proletarian power bodie - an alternative to bourgeois governments - parliamentary and presidential. The way out to a two-power system is a key point of preparation for revolution, an essential factor in a revolutionary situation. The dictatorship of the proletariat is not a change of government, but a new state, with the new authorities in the centre and localities, a state of the proletariat, which arises on the ruins of the old state, the bourgeoisie state. According to Lenin, the dictatorship of the proletariat is the proletariat organized into the ruling class.
"The people on the streets and squares, a general political strike - this is a weapon that can disrupt all the criminal plans of the current regime" (V.I. Klushin. A Step Into Immortality. L., 1997, p.90-91).

Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)
Statement by the Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

It has been over 18 months years since the coming to power in Ukraine, of major capital in the face of President Yanukovych and the Party of Regions.

Immediately, the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov moved to a determined attack on the rights of working people. Under the rhetoric about promoting democracy and European choice, the rapid growth in prices of food, essential goods and children's goods, housing and transport services has continued.
To make this process legislative, Tax, Labour and Housing Code of Ukraine, as well as pension reform, have been adopted or are in the final stage of this, signifying a further, legislative restriction of labour rights, deterioration of living conditions, actual deprivation of access to housing, opportunity to receive a decent wage, pension, scholarship.
In particular, under the new pension legislation, the retirement age for women will increase from 55 to 60 years old, men, initially selected categories - from 60 to 62 years. At 10 years of increasing duration work experience required to obtain the minimum pension. Since Male life expectancy in Ukraine is 59-62 years, the new pension legislation will lead to the fact that a significant proportion of men will not receive a pension, as they will not live to retirement age. So the power of big capital at the expense of workers' solves the problem of reducing the deficit of the Pension Fund, following the lead of the IMF.
On January 1, 2012 agricultural land becomes a commodity, ie becomes the subject of sale. This will lead to what is beautiful, the best in the world Ukrainian black earth turning into the property of major Ukrainian and foreign capital in the face of transnational corporations and banks. The peasants will become laborers on our own land for the new landlords, landowners, or will completely go bankrupt, become proletarians then go into the cities and join the millions of unemployed.
The policy of further reforms and accelerated privatization will lead to the fact that most large companies will move into private hands. This will lead to further enrich big oligarchic capital, on the one hand, to continue and strengthen the processes of poverty, deprivation and extinction of the vast majority of people, working people of Ukraine - on the other.
Over 20 years of "independence", reform and capitalist transformation after the treacherous destruction of the Soviet Union, have abandoned Ukraine to the sidelines of world civilization. During these years the population of Ukraine decreased by 13 million people. – From more than 52 million to 39 million people. - And, according to the analysis of the United Nations, Ukraine has slipped into the top five endangered nations in the world. The level of GDP over the past 20 years was only 74% of the 1990 level. According to American magazine Forbes, Ukraine has slide to the level of four worst economies in the world, and from 177 countries in terms of economic development occupies 174 place in the world.
Millions of unemployed and homeless, destroyed and looted businesses, machines cut into scrap metal, complete disrepair of housing and communal services and infrastructure, agricultural fields overgrown with weeds, drug addiction, alcoholism, epidemic of drunkenness, first in Europe in the spread of HIV-AIDS - that's what characterizes present bourgeois "democratic" Ukraine Ukraine today that used to be blooming in the USSR.
At the same time on the bitterness and the troubles of the people on their rapid impoverishment, we have the rapidly enriched bourgeoisie. Only last year in 2010, according to the magazine "Focus", the number of billionaires in Ukraine grew from 8 to 21 people. The total wealth of the 200 largest bourgeoisie exceeded 93 billion dollars (about 750 billion UAN. That more than 2 times the entire annual state budget of Ukraine). The largest Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov on the basis on his capital in 2010 increased 2-fold - from 7.5 to 15.6 billion dollars, and according to the Gorshenin Institute, most members of the Ukrainian government are millionaires - big business pays generously to its servants.
With the arrival of the blue and white factions of the bourgeoisie, many hoped for a change in foreign policy and foreign economic policy of Ukraine, counting on Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union and Single Economic Space, to strengthen Ukraine ties with the brotherly peoples of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
But the regime headed by Yanukovych, persists in the policy of the previous orange power in Ukraine's joining with Europe and its further rejection of Russia, and its natural allies. This is despite the fact that the EU (and the whole imperialist world in general), is shaking in the strongest financial crisis, up to the default of a number of economies, a further weakening of the euro and even the possibility of collapse in the eurozone.
Despite the declared neutral status of Ukraine, it is continuing its further rapprochement with NATO. This summer, in the territory of Ukraine passed a number of major exercises involving units of the U.S. armed forces, other NATO countries. In scope, these exercises have reached an unprecedented scale unseen during the reign of the orange regime.
Armed units of the US-NATO were able to reach the border with Russia, thereby transforming Ukraine into good springboard from which to threaten Russia, in a possible future theatre of war against Russia. Zionist-American imperialism is using Ukraine as a hostage in their struggle for world domination, for the capture of natural raw materials of Russia, especially the richest oil and gas reserves, for the colonization of Russia. And the regime of Yanukovich and the ruling Party of the Regions, contributes to these aggressive plans. (Just as promoted and signed by the Russian leadership of START-3 last year, aimed at undermining the ultimate strategic nuclear potential of the country and giving the aggressive predatory imperialist bloc, US-NATO military unilateral decisive strategic advantage).

To prevent a devastating turn of events, ending poverty and extinction of the working class, working people of Ukraine can only rise to the revolutionary struggle for the restoration of Soviet power and socialism, in a joint struggle with the brotherly peoples, workers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other republics of the former USSR for the revival of our great Soviet motherland.

September 3, 2011, Kiev.


On 3 September 2011 in Kiev and session by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria was held. It examined questions relating to 1) 20 years of destruction of Ukraine, 2) organising Raboche-Krestyanskaya subscriptions for 2012, and 3) other matters. A report by A. Mayevsky entitled “20 years of destruction of Ukraine” was read out and the statement by the party “Anti-peoples, anti-Russian, pro-NATO policy of the ruling white-blue group of the bourgeoisie headed by Yanukovich” was adopted the meeting. The Bureau of the Central Committee was also attended by the chairman of "Trudovaya Kharkov", Comrade Tishchenko.

By A.A. MAEVSKY, secretary of the CC AUCPB, chairman of the Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria.

 "Over 20 years of independence, and Ukraine as a state, has had dynamic development," and "worthy of the Ukrainian people, passed the exam for freedom and independence" - said the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in his speech at the palace "Ukraine" om 23 August on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Ukrainian independence. And he said that the purpose of reform and change is the creation of a "modern, democratic, high-tech and advanced state", "an integral part of European civilization."

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