Woodrow wilson and the treaty of versailles

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League of Nations. This, the treaty-makers hoped, would keep future wars from happening. Overall, Wilson was optimistic that he had helped create a good treaty.


Just because Wilson helped to make the treaty, did not mean that it would become law in the United States. According to the U.S. Constitution, although the President is in charge of making treaties, they do not become official until ratified (approved) by the Senate.

Many Senators did not share Wilson’s enthusiasm for the treaty, especially the League of Nations.
Wilson, a democrat, was faced with the problem that the Senate was controlled by Republicans, many of whom did not like the fact that the treaty would give the League of Nations some of the powers that normally belonged to the U.S. Senate, especially the power to send U.S. troops into battle. It didn’t help Wilson’s cause that he had campaigned against many of these Republicans in the bitter mid-term campaigns of 1916.
Some Republican Senators, had only mild concerns about the League, and would probably accept treaty with minor changes. This group was called the

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