Woodrow wilson and the treaty of versailles

Germany had to give up all of its overseas colonies

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Germany had to give up all of its overseas colonies.

  • Germany had to drastically reduce the size of its army and navy.

  • Germany had to give up some of its best land

  • Germany had to agree to pay billions of dollars to pay for the damage done in the war.

    These conditions humiliated Germany and made the country very angry and very poor. These conditions would help lead to the rise of World War II.

    In other areas, the Treaty followed some of Wilson’s recommendations. In the former empire of Austria-Hungary, land was taken away from the empire and used to create new countries for the many different nationalities that lived there. New countries created as a result of the war included: Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia, to name a few.
    Also, the Treaty did include Wilson’s beloved

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