Women and Witchcraft Anne Hutchinson

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Women and Witchcraft
- Anne Hutchinson – troublemaker as far as Winthrop was concerned. Had 14 children, interpreted the bible… and sharing her views with people.

Why was this a problem? _____________________________


- Puritans believed that “women, like children, were to be seen but not heard”!

- Hutchinson was making sense with her views of the Bible and said that she was being lead by God.

- Hutchinson was interpreting Reverend Cotton’s sermons to women and holding prayer groups in her home and around town. - Antinomianism (anti-law)

- A hearing was held to determine if she was breaking the law…. Shocker – according to the puritan judge she WAS.

- Anne was kicked out of Massachusetts and headed for Rhode Island. Why?


- Anne later went to NY and was involved in a violent altercation with Indians and was killed. When Winthrop heard about her death what do you think he said?


- Mary Dyer – A follower of Anne Hutchinson. Mary and her husband bought into Hutchinson’s ideas and went to Rhode Island.

- Why was Dyer so eager to follow Anne…….▼

- Dyer became a member of the “Society of Friends” (______________________)

- In a Quaker meeting, everyone is considered equal.

- Quakers refused to swear allegiance to anyone… except GOD.

- Men were tried and hung, Dyer was sent on a horse…. After Hutchinson.

- Dyer returned to Massachusetts and stirred up trouble again.

- This time the courts (CHURCH) offered her life if she left forever… She refused.____________________________________________________________

- Salem Mass was not going to put up with these women anymore!

- Two little girls were playing with their servant girl Tituba (from the West Indies)

- Tituba told the little girls stories of witches, the Devil, and taught them to bark like dogs, mew like cats, and grunt like hogs. They were having fun.

What do you think one of the little girl’s father thought? __________________________________________________________________

- The little girls even did some of these things the following Sunday in Church, interrupting the service. Who interrupted the Service up till now? _______________________________________________________

- People flipped out!!

- The two little girls (9 and 5) and Tituba were jailed. The five yr old was chained to her mother and obviously was crying.

- Leaders believed that the girls were spreading Witchcraft like virus.

- John Cotton’s son, Cotton Matter was a minister who firmly believed in witches and fueled the fire and helped to create Hysteria.


- As time passes (about a month), trials begin to determine who in Salem was a Witch and what should be done. Over 100 women were tried, 20 were put to death, and then it all came to a sudden stop!

- Reverend Hale’s wife was accused of Witchery and that could not be possible, she was loved by everyone and was respected by the most religious of Puritans.

- Could these children and women have been wronged? Could they have been innocent?

- YUP…. One of the Salem Witch Trial judges, Samuel Sewall apologized and admitted that there was Hysteria and they wrong. The names of the 20 people were cleared.

- It is believed that after years of Witch trials throughout Europe and the Americas, (most famous being Salem Mass.) something did in fact die in Salem Mass…. THE BELIEF IN WITCHCRAFT.

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