Wluml dossier 3 June/July 1988 Sexual Mutilations

Suggested Future Strategies By Organizations

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Suggested Future Strategies By Organizations.
A.1. The BBSAWS should undertake 6 regional workshops in the 6 regions of the Northern Sudan to sensitise people in rural areas, to select highly motivated leaders from them and then to continue the work of the campaign by forming subcommittees of these to be responsible for the continuation of the work.
A.2. Work should be concentrated on a model area in the three towns of the capital to discover what results can be achieved to eliminate female circumcision, in one specific area. Checks should be made before and after the work in this model area in order to provide an efficient system of evaluation.
A.3. The integrated Women's Development Programmes should be extended to other villages.
A.4. Educational materials should continue to be produced and so should discussion groups continue to take place.
A.5. The project which has already begun should be completed so that midwives become supervisors of the work of motivating others to abolish female circumcision.
B. At the group and individual levels there should be:
1. Research on the effects of female circumcision on fertility,

2. Research on the psychological impact of female circumcision children through long-term research in rural Khartoum;

3. Other research.
C. A league of university students should be formed for the elimination of female circumcision
D. The National Committee should be re-constituted so as to be smaller in number but to be composed of people really dedicated to the eradication of female circumcision.
E. Although the Sudan Government has no specific strategy, all Ministers concerned should publicly announce that female circumcision should be abolished. The Minister of Health in particular should ask all members of the medical services to take action to combat it. All Public Health Programmes should include education for the elimination of female circumcision.

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