Wluml dossier 3 June/July 1988 Sexual Mutilations

Work Already Done Or In Progress

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Work Already Done Or In Progress

1. A national Workshop was held in 1981 in Khartoum to discuss female circumcision and to produce recommendations and strategies for the elimination of female circumcision.

2. Thereafter a follow-up committee was established as a Sub-Committee of the Babiker Badri Scientific association for Women's Studies. This committee is composed of both men and women and it has provided many public lectures and mass media activities.
3. A book on the proceedings of the Workshop, including all the recommendations made was published in 1983. It has been widely distributed, but there has been no detailed follow-up system to check whether each Ministry has fulfilled its obligations to accomplish the specific objectives of the Workshop.
4.The Babiker Badri Scientific Association has five current projects on female circumcision. Two workshops have already taken place.
5. Before the Dakar Conference took place, a National Committee had been formed which has held two meetings since September 1983. During these meetings it was recommended that a law should be enforced to forbid all forms of female circumcision and that the government should provide a state policy for the elimination of female circumcision. After the Dakar Conference the two men and two women who attended were supposed to form a National Committee to abolish female circumcision. It was decided, however, that as Sudan has already formed a National Committee, and two of those who went to Dakar were already members of it, there was no need to form another committee. No action has yet been taken by the National Committee.

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