Wluml dossier 23-24 July 2001 dossier 23-34

Documenting the Feelings of Fear

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Documenting the Feelings of Fear
Autonomous Women’s Center Against Sexual Violence, from its foundation in 1993, believes in the anti-war anti-military politics, in multi-nationality as well as in spreading solidarity with women from the other side of the front line. In the present situation Women’s Center is documenting feelings of women who are in fear of NATO bombing and entire war situation, as well as feelings of women in Pristina and other parts from Kosovo that are going through particular processes of fear, terror and pain. Documenting calls in the first 25 working days, five counsellors gave 378 telephone counselling to women from 34 towns in SR Yugoslavia. Statistics of Women’s Center show that 232 counselling phone sessions were done with women in Belgrade and others from women in other towns including regions Vojvodina, Sandzak, Montenegro and Kosovo. From all the calls, 87% of calls were initiated in the Center.

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