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While viewing the TITLE SCREEN, press the START BUTTON on CONTROLLER 1 to report to the FLIGHT DECK. Use the directional pad to select FLIGHT CONTROL and press the X BUTTON to go to FLIGHT CONTROL. From FLIGHT CONTROL you can use the directional pad and the X BUTTON to GO TO THE LIFT (take the lift to the BRIDGE, LIVING LEVEL or FLIGHT LEVEL), TALK TO HOBBS, RUN A SIMULATOR (NOTE: You cannot run the SIMULATOR after attending a BRIEFING), ATTEND A BRIEFING, pick a WINGMAN, ACTIVATE THE MAIN TERMINAL (obtain NEWS, modify game CONTROLS, and SAVE or LOAD a game), and TALK TO RACHEL. Once you are done in FLIGHT CONTROL, use the directional pad to highlight FLY MISSION and press the X BUTTON to report the FLIGHT DECK and begin your mission.


R1 BUTTON- Not used L2 BUTTON- Rotate in clockwise direction L1 BUTTON- Not used

R2 BUTTON- Rotate in counter-clockwise direction

L1 & L2 BUTTONS- Release decoys (when MISSILE LOCK LIGHT on instrument panel glows)

L1 & R2 BUTTONS (hold for one second)- Activate CLOAKING DEVICE (after you acquire cloaking mechanism)

L2 & R2 BUTTONS- Apply afterburners L1 & L2 & R1 & R2 BUTTONS- Automatic takeoff, Autopilot to the next waypoint (when AUTO on the instrument panel is lit), Automatic landing L1 & O BUTTONS- Change active gun

L1 & X BUTTONS- Cycle through targets on your viewscreen L1 & SQUARE BUTTONS- Change active missile

L1 & L2 & TRIANGLE BUTTONS- Full throttle L1 & L2 & O BUTTONS- Prepare full guns

L1 & L2 & X BUTTONS- Cut speed to zero L1 & L2 & SQUARE BUTTONS- Prepare full missile salvo


TRIANGLE BUTTON- Accelerate, Zoom in on NAVIGATION MAP, Cycle through targets in area

O BUTTON- Fire active gun(s), Select next waypoint from NAVIGATION MAP

X BUTTON- Decelerate, Zoom out on NAVIGATION MAP SELECT & O BUTTONS- Taunt enemy

SQUARE BUTTON- Fire missile, Select previous waypoint from NAVIGATION MAP


SELECT & TRIANGLE BUTTONS- Order wingman to break formation and attack

SELECT & X BUTTONS- Turn off or on SMART TARGETING (when off, your targeting computer will target both enemy and friendly ships)

DIRECTIONAL PAD + Press Up- Nose up Press Down- Nose down Press Right or Left- Cycle right or left


Prior to each mission you will select weapons from the LOADOUT TERMINAL (Rachel will select weapons for your first mission). Later, you can pick ships and specify weapons loads by activating the LOADOUT TERMINAL in FLIGHT CONTROL. Before commencing a mission, you will receive a BRIEFING during which your mission objective will be outlined. You will then pick a WINGMAN, report to the FLIGHT DECK and commence your mission. Before attempting an actual mission, you should practice on the SIMULATOR (there are ten training missions which will enable you to hone your skills as a navigator and fighter pilot). Your RADAR SCOPE appears on the bottom center portion of the screen. Colored blips appearing on the RADAR SCOPE designate the following: RED- ENEMY FIGHTER; BLUE- FRIENDLY FIGHTER; ORANGE- ENEMY CAPITAL SHIP; PALE BLUE- FRIENDLY CAPITAL SHIP; YELLOW- MISSILE; WHITE- NEXT NAVIGATION POINT; and PURPLE- EJECTED PILOT. The display on the bottom right corner of the screen shows the CURRENT TARGET ID AND PROFILE, (your computer will automatically target the nearest enemy however you may cycle through available targets by pressing the TRIANGLE BUTTON). Your GUNSIGHT appears fixed in the center of the screen. The display on the upper right corner of the screen shows the GUNS currently equipped, the number of DECOYS you have remaining (press the L1 & L2 BUTTONS when the MISSILE LIGHT on your instrument panel is flashing to drop DECOYS and draw enemy missiles away from your ship), and the number of MISSILES you have remaining. A GUN POWER METER (red meter) appears to the right or the RADAR SCOPE (when this meter is drained you will lose your guns until the meter has recharged itself). Your FUEL GAUGE appears to the left of the RADAR SCOPE. A SET SPEED DISPLAY and CURRENT SPEED METER appear on the top center section of the screen. The AUTOPILOT LIGHT appears to the left of the SPEED DISPLAY and SPEED METER. The MISSILE LOCK LIGHT appears to the right of the SPEED DISPLAY and SPEED METER. The LEFT VDU (video display unit) appears on the bottom left corner of the screen and shows one of four different screens: (a) Shields and armor; (b) Communications; (c) Damage; or (d) Power distribution. The RIGHT VDU appears on the bottom right corner of the screen and identifies a targeted ship, shows its range and its shield strength. The distance of the current target from your ship appears above the TARGET ID display. A light blue outline around the TARGET ID shows the status of the targets shields (damage inflicted on the target during battle). When you come under fire by an enemy fighter, press the TRIANGLE and SELECT BUTTONS to instruct your wingman to BREAK FORMATION AND OPEN FIRE, (he will launch an independent attack upon the target). Other commands you may give your wingman are FORM ON MY WING (follow me), REQUEST STATUS (ask how much damage your wingman's ship has taken), HELP ME OUT OF HERE (tells your wingman to engage the enemy attacking you), ATTACK MY TARGET, KEEP RADIO SILENCE, LIFT RADIO SILENCE and NEED CLEARANCE (when you complete a mission and return to base, you must request permission to land). An INERTIAL TARGETING & TRACKING SYSTEM (yellow cursor) is used to lock in on enemy targets. When you have a lock on an enemy ship the ITTS turns GREEN (aim for this cursor). When you get a MISSILE LOCK on an enemy ship, a BLUE RECTANGLE will surround the target and you will hear a CHIME indicating that you are clear to fire missiles, (missiles will not fire until you have a lock on your target). When you complete a mission you will need to vector to your next NAVIGATION POINT. Press the L1, L2, R1 and R2 BUTTONS to engage your AUTOPILOT and travel between NAVIGATION POINTS. When you ACTIVATE THE MAIN TERMINAL at CONFED HEADQUARTERS you may use the DUTY ROSTER command to SAVE your game or LOAD a previously saved game.

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