Wilson, Coleman. "Radar Blues."

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Wilson, Coleman. “Radar Blues.”
Now this story’s about an old truck driver that I saw hitchhiking up in Virginia. I picked him up and let him ride and this is the story he told me about getting sacked up with radar and put to walking.
If you want to find radar here’s how to do it just get in a truck and lay right to it. When get to Virginia by the radar stand the trooper will be a waiting with a ticket in his hand.

Have your registration, your driver’s license, a little money too.

Well the funniest thing that I ever did see was a radar sitting at a top of a tree and the state patrolman was sitting on the ground waiting for the truckers to come on down.

He’s got binoculars, walkie-talkie, and a fast forward too.

Well I’m running out of road and I’m running wild and the JP he said with a smile, “I know that boy now bring him back because I seen on the front he is wheeling a Mack.”

I had her smoking, in high gear, I was getting on it.

Well I went through the radar at seventy-four and the trooper said “you won’t do it no more.” I said to the trooper “won’t you turn me loose,” he said boy they’re going to cook your goose.” They’ll put you to walking, hitchhiking, trying to find a job.”
I said the judge “I’ve got no bail,” he said “boy you’re going to jail.” I got on the phone, calling home, I need the money.
Now just one thing I’d like to know, I’d like to know it before I go, if the truckers all forty-five and run and the state trooper couldn’t catch near one, they couldn’t get you with their radar gimmick, I wonder then if they’d lower the limit.

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