Wills Harold

What happened during the battle?

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What happened during the battle?
Task 2: Who had a better position at the start of the battle?


Task 3:

Look at this use evidence from what you see here to fill in the table below with any notes you think are important

  • William positioned his archers at the front, then his foot soldiers and his cavalry (men on horses) at the back.

  • The two armies began the battle by shouting rude things at each other

  • In the first part of the battle the Norman arrows had no impact on the Saxons and they could not get to them as they were up on the hill.

  • Half way through the battle the Normans thought William was dead. He took off his helmet and made a speech to his men.

  • The Normans then pretended to run away and the Saxons followed them from the hill

  • The Normans swung round and cut them down!

  • Harold was shot in the eye with an arrow and the Saxons, with their leader dead, began to run away.

Evidence that shows William had skill and courage during the battle?

Evidence that shows William was lucky or Harold was unlucky?

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