William J. Clinton

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William J. Clinton

Until January 2005 After January 2005

123 Hillary Way 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

New York, NY 12404 Washington, DC 20500

Objective Ride wife’s coattails back to White House, leading to more juicy young interns.

1973 Yale University New Haven, CT


2001-present Self Employed New York, NY

Speaker. Give speeches on a variety of topics to a variety of audiences.
1993-2001 White House Washington, DC

President. Ran country.

1978-80, State of Arkansas Little Rock, AR

1982-2000 Governer. Ran state.

1976-78 State of Arkansas Little Rock, AR

Attorney General. Prosecuted bad guys, oversaw large staff and larger budget, implemented departmental policies and procedures, ate cheeseburgers.

Personal Activities

        • Survived the Paula Jones scandal, 2000

        • Survived the Monica Lewinsky scandal, 1998

        • Federal Budget Surplus, 1st in over 20 years, 1998

        • Team Leader, Carter Presidential Campaign (Arkansas), 1976

        • Avid saxophone player


        • Impeachment, 1998

        • Chair, Democratic Leadership Council, 1990

        • Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University, 1968

References Albert Gore Monica Lewinsky Kenneth Starr

Vice President, USA Intern, White House Special Prosecutor, USA

Tennessee-ish New York Who knows?

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