Why have disability categories in social security? Deborah Mabbett Brunel University

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Mabbett, D. (2003a) Definitions of Disability in Europe: A Comparative Analysis, European Commission, Employment and Social Affairs Directorate-General, forthcoming. (A draft version is available from: http://www.brunel.ac.uk/depts/govn/research/disability.htm.)
Mabbett, D. (2003b) ‘Transforming Disability into Ability: A Commentary Based on Recent European Research’ Transforming Disability into Ability Dissemination Conference, Vienna 6-7 March. (Available from http://www.euro.centre.org/ability/summaries.pdf, pp.23-30)
OECD (2003) Transforming Disability into Ability: Policies to Promote Work and Income Security for Disabled People, Paris: OECD.

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