Why Do Bad Things Happen?

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Why Do Bad Things Happen?

  1. The first reason is that we, many times, bring bad things on to ourselves. (Jer. 8:10). Everyone has been given the gift of free will. We have the ability to lead a Godly life which in turn leads to truth, salvation, and happiness in our lives, or we can choose the option of following earthly and sinful ways, which usually ends up causing us all kinds of pain and sorrow.

Examples in Scripture: John 3:19, James 1:14-15.

Evil men with evil intentions can easily cause evil things to happen to a great many good people. (Ecc. 8:9)

  1. The second cause of bad things entering our lives is Satan. The Devil roams the world like a roaring lion (1Peter:5:8-9). It is he that causes so much pain and suffering and it is Satan who brings evil men with evil desires into power. Satan is the one who has the ability to bring men like Osama and Hitler to power. Men like these are easy prey for Satan to bring out ruthlessness and greed that lie within their hearts.


All Satan ever wanted was to be worshipped and to be in a position where he could rule. Satan knows that his very existence will someday come to a very horrible and terrifying end. Knowing this Satan has decided to take with him as many of us as he can. Satan is proficient in his ability to get people off the narrow path of God. He has a tremendous ability to fool, mislead, and lead astray. His ability to lure, deceive, to get a person to start thinking in a sinful way is awesome indeed. His appealing and attractive little detours, his small subtle suggestions, are all designed to lead us to eventual destruction. And those who follow Satan have as their responsibility the task of leading others astray. Believers really have to be on guard at all times because Satan is just waiting for you to take that armor of God off.

Examples in Scripture: 2Cor. 11:14-15, Luke 22:31

Satan can control a human being only if the person allows him by succumbing to his temptations. He does not have the power to force you to do anything. He cannot harm you or hurt you in any way.
God’s Mysterious Ways

In these and in other cases (like floods and earthquakes), God allows trials and

tribulations to come into our lives in order to grow us up, to build up our Godly

character, and to make us better Christians. We all can expect our share of

unhappy and unfortunate situations. However God will only allow so much

adversity to come into our lives because God knows just how much each and

every one of us can handle (1 Cor. 10:13).
We grow in Christ when things are going badly, not when things are going perfectly. Sometimes, what grows us up is what puts us down on our knees. God is going to use every single adversity coming into our lives to help us mature

spiritually. Faith in God does not mean trusting God to stop the bad storms in our

life. Faith and trust in God are things which enable us to walk through those

periods of hurt and sorrow and come out victorious. We must trust God and

believe that when trouble occurs, as long as we keep our eyes on him, as long as

we keep our focus on God, then he is going to give us the ability to cope with any

storms coming into our lives. The storms of life should become workshops where

we can practice our faith in God’s greatness. The storms that God allows into our

lives are not there to destroy us. They are there to develop us, for as Paul wrote to the Romans,” We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Rom 8:28)”

Isaiah 41:10: “Do not be afraid, for I am with you.” God has a purpose and a plan for every single adversity that he allows to come into our lives because it is in our pain and suffering that God is molding us, building up character, and growing us up in Christ. The hard times is what equips us so that we can lead the kind of life that God wants us to live.


  1. View everything as being allowed by God no matter what it is. Nothing happens without God’s prevision (1 Peter 5:6).

  1. When each and every adversity comes into your life ask God to show you his goal and reason for placing this difficulty in your life (Psalms 37:5-9).

  1. Surrender to the unknown will of God (Isaiah 55:8-9).

  1. Trust him. In the deepest regions of your heart and soul you know that you can completely trust God to see you through this difficult time and once through it, you will be stronger and greater Christian (Proverbs 3:5-6).

  1. Recognize that Satan is real. Using the Name of Jesus, pray frequently and fervently for God to protect you and this world from the Devil’s schemes, and that the Father’s Kingdom will come on this earth.

  1. When you reflect on those who have died unexpectedly, remember that death is the doorway through which God’s elect pass on the way to Eternal Life in Heaven.

  1. Keep in mind that you are God’s child and a precious member of His Royal Family. That Spirit which He has placed in you is more powerful than evil. It will be your strength and will ultimately allow you to rise above any difficulty. (Habakkuk 3:17-19 and 1 John 4:4)

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