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AAS Essay About Possible Constraints

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AAS Essay About Possible Constraints

Please provide three practical and realistic examples of how you intend to use the knowledge, skills and connections you will gain from your scholarship on your return to Indonesia. Possible tasks can be personal and/or professional.
(List any possible constrains you think may prevent you from achieving above task)

Practical examples and possible constraints

Please:- a) give up to three practical examples of how you intend to use the knowledge, skills and connections you will gain from your scholarship. Possible tasks can be personal and/or professional; and b) list any possible constraints you think may prevent you from achieving these tasks.
Studying and living overseas will help me build a more assertive personality and academic maturity as a student. After completing this long-term program, I believe the knowledge, skills, and relation that I will gain can benefit me, my organization, and the institution that I cooperate with. The courses I will take primarily address translation, interpreting, and education’s potential for better life achievement. It drives better communication, mutual understanding, and modern teaching practices. It will align with projects and works that I have been doing and running in my everyday life. I also dream of having my translation and interpreting team working for various international conferences on Lombok and Sumbawa.
Further, experiential learning and certification will connect me with the interpreter and translation community, clients, and National Accreditation Authority for Translation and Interpreting (NAATI). These chances will open up more comprehensive networking that can lead to future collaboration. Their projects and work ethics can become my role models. Homesickness will be my first constraint in achieving this dream since two years away from home is not a short time. To cope with this potential, I would like to get involved with various communities, travel, and volunteer at university to overcome this constraint. Parting from that challenges both academic and non-academic life, living overseas within modern or post-modern culture, landscape and diversities will broaden my perspective on the world.
a) 1. One possible option is applying for a lecturer position in a university in my hometown, Kediri. It is a small city where there are ample rooms to improve. With the knowledge and skills that I obtain from the scholarship, I can help to improve the quality of the students who will become English teachers in the future. From what I will have mastered, I want to encourage my students to get the same or higher path.

  1. My dream has been to build an English school in Kampung Inggris, Kediri. As an English educator, I feel that I am responsible for sharing my knowledge with the community to improve the quality of the English taught there. I am willing to implement an up-to-date curriculum and methodology based on applied linguistic principles. I also plan to include a tutor training program that provides English tutors/teachers with theoretical and practical skills in teaching English. In that way, I can spread the language concepts wider since they will go back to their hometown or institution to pursue higher study, work, or teach.

b) 1. Since I have been working at schools, I am used to teaching with all of its methodologies and approaches. I will find being a lecturer is quite challenging to adapt at the first time. However, I believe with my adequate experience in teaching and organization. I can keep up to follow the pace of the working environment.

  1. Building a school and its facilities such as a computer lab and library to support the students’ English is challenging and requires many resources. Therefore I am willing to learn and work hard during my study and gradually build what I dream. I am also aware that people might find it hard to change. However, as they see the result of my methodologies, I am optimistic that they will realize that English is taught by using principles that they need to understand, such as second language acquisition and communicative approach.

  2. My first practical example will be working as a tour planner and initiating a private travel arranger to develop innovations and breakthroughs in promoting tourism objects and designing tour packages to assorted travelers with their special needs and hobbies. Furthermore, as a matter of managing sustainable tourism development, I will cooperate with the Department of Tourism in Gorontalo. We will start training tour guides and tourism-related business owners to develop marketing, hospitality, and customer service skills. The final realistic example is to join the Department of Tourism as a researcher to conduct observations and research. Also, make publications in the field of the tourism industry to enlighten the policymaker and public of the development of tourism industry to bear with upcoming obstacles and challenges in the tourism industry in Gorontalo, and as a part of devotion embracing the ASEAN Economic Community.

  3. However, in achieving well-developed tourism management, my area needs improvements in the sector of infrastructures. Thus, funding will be the first challenge to develop and build infrastructures to support tourism development. New infrastructures needed to be built, such as improvements in transportation, hospitality, and public accommodation services. In solving this, there are various forms of investments from the Indonesian governments and private investors needed to enhance the infrastructures. Another constraint comes from the conservative-minded of the society. Select a group of Gorontalo values and practices the local pearls of wisdom deeply and strictly. This may lead to a clash when the forthcoming ideas disobey the value of local pearls of wisdom. With full support from the government, it can be surmounted by seminars and workshops disseminating the importance of tourism and hospitality to increase the awareness of the tourism industry among the people.

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