Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?

How have you contributed to solving a challenge or implementing change or reform in the context of one of the AAI priority development areas?

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Supporting Statement (contoh)

How have you contributed to solving a challenge or implementing change or reform in the context of one of the AAI priority development areas?

(Be specific and include: what aspect/s of your leadership knowledge, skills and practice you consider to be well established and effective; which people or organizations you worked with to solve the problem; and what creative methods were used.)
As an interpreter in various work settings, conflicts and misunderstandings often happen between two parties. In this part, I play a significant role in assisting them to understand to reach an agreement. Interpreting an investigation between an investigator and a claimant is challenging, especially when I meet a claimant charged with smuggling many kilograms of drugs and previously has a criminal record. The investigator tends to be highly stern and firm during interrogating and investigating. Meanwhile, a claimant is often denied answering or signing a document. My feminine tone and patience often change the atmosphere and smoothly run the process. I believe being a woman is a privilege!
As an educator in addressing literacy issues in the West Nusa Tenggara, my six friends and I co-founded EduLand in 2014. As an advisor in this organization, we initiate some programs. Those are mobile libraries, charity shops, and educational event organizers. The mobile library is a nomad program run in various remote and sub-urban areas around Lombok, such as in Gili Maringkik, Semerang, Gerupuk Bay, Ampenan, Kekeri, etc. The following program is called charity shop. Once the organization runs out of the fund, the volunteers gather second-hand stuff and sell them out. Another program is being an educational event organizer. This program is provided for schools. EduLand has organized English Camp in SDN 1 Beleke, Youth Day at SMKN 1 Sekotong, and book days in some villages around West Lombok. During Lombok recovery, EduLand has conducted one day program in various earthquake victim camps for trauma healing. Through my writings that have been published in various online media, I actively build up digital literacy by spreading awareness on diversity. Also, peace and the importance of democracy, radicalism, environmental awareness, travel wisdom, and using social media wisely.
In the final year of my undergraduate study, my friends and I were sent by the university to a remote village for 45 days for community practice. We were appointed to cope with the whole new society and its challenges. The village has a notorious underwater park among travelers. It magnetizes numerous local and international tourists to visit the destination. Such frequently visited spots significantly increased the demand for experienced and advanced English-speaking tour guides. However, the local guides and the micro-business entrepreneurs lacked practical English skills. To worsen, most of them can barely speak English at all. The condition challenged us to resolve the insufficiencies of English skills of the society in the village.
Before my community practice, I researched articles and journals from other areas facing similar challenges. We formulated several resolutions in solving the lack of English skills in the village. Our first solution is to create a tourism community in the village consisting of tour guides and micro-business entrepreneurs. In the meetings, we shared and trained the members on basic English speaking skills. Each meeting discussed diverse issues in English speaking, mainly of hospitality, manner, and customer service, e.g., offering tour packages, introducing environments and facilities, and basic bargaining conversations. To sum the meetings up, we released a pocketbook of tour guiding. We presented it to the members as a matter of reference in guiding tourists.
In the end, our alternative was able to address and crack the issues in the English-speaking skills of tour guides at the village. The tour guides had developed their English speaking skills gradually. Thus, they could perform better in guiding international tourists. The community practice had given me an eagerness to do more in-depth innovations to solve the challenges of tourism in Gorontalo.

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