Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?

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Supporting Statement (contoh)

“Supporting Statement” 
Contoh 1:
Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?
(please include information on efforts you have undertaken so far to obtain information in your study option)
I want to focus on art and social science as my first option since it allows me to explore and develop my skills within double majors. These double majors consist of translation and teaching. In Australia, this coursework combined program is only provided by University of New South Wales. Considering my work experience, my second option is “translation and interpreting” at Monash University or Australia National University. I started my career as a translator and Bahasa Indonesia teacher for speakers of other languages (BISOL) at Lombok Training Center and as a travel writer for Intisari, Gramedia. Due to land clashes, Lombok Training Center moved to Papua, and Intisari ended its printed travel magazine. Then I decided to work at one of the international schools as a BISOL teacher for Primary and High School. I was taught there for four years.
Along with my teaching career, I actively write, translate and interpret. For these past six years, I have assisted researchers in translating and interpreting various subjects such as on stateless children, parents, and migration with Asia Pacific Initiative, on female genital mutilation with Global Islamic Relief, with a producer on Samalas Volcano, with University of Iowa on Psycholinguistics and side projects on Folklore, indigenous forest, and customary law. In 2017 I comeback teaching English for Specific Purposes and Global Study for the middle year in Lombok Learning Village, however in the same year, I also worked for research on buyer behavior with UNIMORE, as a translator and interpreter. From August 2018 until January 2019, I have translated and interpreted for Rebuild Nipah, an international NGO under American Take Action. Currently, I work as a translator and interpreter for Investigatory Unit Regional Police of NTB on drugs smuggling and bribery. This pack of experiences has convinced me to pursue my degree in translation, interpreting, and teaching.
I choose Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at The University of Queensland, which aligns with my educational English education background. I am interested in deepening my knowledge about second language acquisition and its contribution to English teaching. I am also eager to learn more about culture and curriculum and implement a good curriculum in a school.
My undergraduate education provided me with plenty of knowledge and practice in English teaching. The subjects such as TEFL, second language acquisition, material development, phonology, and psycholinguistics have broadened my mind to understand English teaching from a different perspective. They help me implement them in my work. During my teaching experience, I have used the knowledge to plan and teach English to find it easy to understand. I have also applied the linguistics aspects of English teaching, which results excellent. That also helps me communicate with my student’s parents and guide them to understand their child’s behavior and English development.
From my research about the universities that offer TESOL in Australia, I found that I need to master language curriculum planning and practical skills in teaching. The University of Queensland provides what I need. It offers a wide range of courses such as TESOL curriculum, Language Testing and Assessment, Language and Technology, and Teaching Languages in a Global Context. It will support the development of my skill as an English educator.
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