Why did fbi agents feel “hindered” in their investigations of Islamic Terrorism?

George Bush, Sr, Carlyle Senior Advisor

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George Bush, Sr, Carlyle Senior Advisor
Regular visitor to Saudi Arabia on behalf of The Carlyle Group, and met with the Bin Ladens twice before September 11.
Judicial Watch September 28, 2001

He’s also known to advise his son, George W Bush, on matters of foreign policy.

New York Times, June 10, 2001

Why are people who profit from war being allowed to make decisions in our government?

More unanswered questions:

  • Whatever happened with the investigation into pre-9/11 insider trading, the unusual volume of “put options” that were sold the week before 9/11 on companies that stood to lose money after the attacks? Fox News Sept. 20, 2001

  • Why was the Pakistani Air Force allowed to airlift hundreds of Taliban fighters out of Kunduz shortly before it fell? MSNBC, November 29, 2001

  • Why was a “Net Jet” owned by Omaha billionaire Warren Buffet tracking Flight 93 when it crashed? AP August 9, 2002
    Buffet happened to be holding a charity event at Offutt Air Force Base that morning. S.F. Business Times, 2-1-02

  • Why was the Bin Laden family allowed to charter a jet and return to Saudi Arabia before being questioned by the FBI?

  • Why did the White House staff start taking Cipro on September 11, more than a month before the anthrax attacks?

  • Why did World Trade Center building 7 collapse like one and two, without being hit by a hijacked aircraft nor with rubble from them? See: www.whatreallyhappened.com/wtc7.html

  • Why was war not declared on bin Laden and Al Qaeda? Why was war declared on the emotion of terror? How do you know when such a war is won, or lost?


Forbidden Truth by Jean-Charles Brisard,
Guillaume Dasquie & Wayne Madsen

This book shows how corporate oil interests and Saudi Arabia disastrously compromised U.S. national security in Afghanistan. Note: Not to be confused with the French “Pentagon Conspiracy” book of a similar name.

For more information on the web.



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