Why did australia get involved in world war one: Why Did Australia Go to War?

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Why Did Australia Go to War?
The reason that Australia went to war with Britain was simply that Australia was in an alliance with Britain (mother country). They were apart of the British Empire, and the people also had a deep sense of being British. But why did Britain go to war? It is because the Germans invading Belgium (a neutral country) to get to France. Some people believe they wanted to find something that they could start a fight. Some people believe that German just wanted to hurt their own and it was an excuse. The British did not like this as not only had they signed a treaty to protect Belgium from any invasions, because the Germans were really starting to get close to England thus making them fear being a target to the Germans. Once war had been declared on Germany from the Britains, Australians were immediately at war alongside Britain, loyal to the Empire. Australian’s was a new country surrounded by many enemies, Eg:// Asia. They needed to be protected and Britain was their mother country.

Figure 5.5:

It tries to encourage men to join the army. It shows the men helping the mother country at war, nothing about the real reality. It’s trying to send a message to the men about that going to war is a noble thing to do. It uses the quote “Don’t stand looking at this, go and help!” It’s trying to tell people that they shouldn’t just wait and watch, they should go help their fellow Australians in the war. They only show 2 men ready to fight, to encourage more men to join as they don’t have enough.


It makes you feel that if you don’t go and help your fellow Australian’s at war, you are known as Non-Australian. It’s trying to send a message through to other men about going to war will be a noble thing to do. It uses the words ‘Go’ and ‘Help’.

Figure 5.4:

(It says Figure 5.6 but there isn’t one so I guess it’s meant to be Figure 5.4.)

It tries to encourage men to join the army. It tries to embrace war as being a noble thing to do with your mates. It includes all the good things about war, but doesn’t mention anything about the bad points (the reality of war.) The poster is saying that Australian men are strong, sporty, and true noblemen. It uses the quote “Show the enemy what Australian Sporting men can do.” It makes men want to join just to prove themselves to Britain and show that they are true Australians.


It uses Patriotism with the word “Australian”, it makes you feel that if they don’t go to war, you are known as un-Australian. “Join Together, Train together…” makes the observer feel that everyone else is joining, so why don’t you. It’s trying to say that Australians are sportsmen. It’s trying to encourage for you and your mates to join together, fight together, train together, and embark together.

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