Who was Andrew Jackson? In your own words, write a definition for the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Directions

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Power Point Handout 2
Who was Andrew Jackson?
In your own words, write a definition for the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Directions: As we go through the power point slides, answer the following questions.
1. Who was Andrew Jackson?

2. Early Background:

  1. Where was Jackson born?

  2. What happened to his father?

Do you have a friend who has lost a close relative like Jackson?

3. Teenage Years:

  1. What were three characteristics of Jackson?

  1. Who captured Jackson and his older brother, Robert?

4. Jailed at Age 13:

  1. Why were Jackson and his brother jailed at such a young age?

  1. Where were Jackson’s injuries by the British officer’s sword?

What do you think it was like for Andrew Jackson to be jailed at such a young age?

5. Mom Came to Help:

  1. What type of disease did Andrew Jackson and his brother contract?

  1. How did their mother get the disease that eventually killed her?

6. Young Adult:

  1. What brought Jackson to Nashville in the Tennessee Territory?

  1. How did he make his money?

7. Influence:

  1. Name two ways in which Jackson helped create Tennessee.

  1. What year did Tennessee become a state?

8. Jackson-Dickinson Duel:

  1. What life long effect did the duel have on Jackson?

  1. Do you think dueling was a positive or negative way to settle a disagreement? Why?

9. Becoming a War Hero:

  1. What was Andrew Jackson expecting from his first trip to New Orleans as general of the Tennessee Militia?

  1. Why was Jackson so furious when he was called back to Nashville?

10. Old Hickory:

List two reasons that earned Andrew Jackson his nickname of “Old Hickory.”

11. Called again:

When called to duty again, who did he fight against?
12. A Softer Side of Jackson:

Why did Andrew Jackson send a small Creek Indian boy home for his wife, Rachel to care for?

13. Big Victory:

Why do you think this event was such an important victory for Jackson?

14. After the War of 1812:

After the war, what was Andrew Jackson commissioned to do for the U. S. Government?

15. Jackson as President:

  1. Did Jackson keep his nickname after he became president?

  1. What was different about Andrew Jackson’s background than previous presidents?

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