Who should I contact if I have any questions about the use of the act government logo?

Can I cut and paste logos from the website or other publications?

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Can I cut and paste logos from the website or other publications?

No. To maintain the integrity of our branding, we advise agencies not to cut and paste their own logos from any website or publication. This practice could lead to logos being used that are low in quality or not displayed correctly.

  1. How do I use a file once I have downloaded it?

WMF (windows metafile) format

  1. Click the logo you want to download.

  2. When the dialogue box appears, choose ‘Save this file’

  3. Save the file where you can easily access it

  4. Commence file download process.

  5. When the file is downloaded, you can insert it into a Microsoft Word document by following these steps (in Word 2007).

    • Go to the Insert tab at the top of the screen.

    • Click Picture.

    • Find the location where you saved the logo and click ‘insert’.

    • Your logo should appear in your document.

The ACT Government logo wmf files can be enlarged beyond 100 per cent of size because of the way they have been created and also have a transparent background. Do not copy and paste these logos from one document to another because you will only get a very low resolution thumbnail of the logo working this way - always use the insert picture technique above.

Wmf files are specific to Windows PCs and are ideal for Microsoft Office applications as the file size is small and are ideal for printing on office printers. These files also commonly contain a low-resolution thumbnail image, to allow you to place the file in a word processor page. Wmf files should not be used for jobs being sent to commercial printers as wmf files don't support the production technology they use - for commercial printing, use eps files and professional design software (not MS Office!). 

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