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World War Two For nine months there was a “phoney war” – very few hostilities between Germany and France and Britain, yet it is obvious that Germany’s vastly superior military machine could have annihilated British and French forces, which were wholly unprepared to fight a major war in 1939. Was the reason for not doing so, because Hitler still hoped that Britain and France could be persuaded to join Germany against the common foe Russia which, by May 1940 had already annexed part of Finland, and effectively taken military control of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and parts of eastern Europe? Only when it was clear that this was not to be the case, particularly after Britain was the first combatant to violate Norwegian neutrality and was hinting that Belgium might be the base for an attack on Germany - only then did Germany move into Norway and launch blitzkrieg through the low countries and into France, hoping to knock out France and Britain in a short campaign, before dealing with the threat to the east. Even then, Hitler refrained from ordering his Panzer divisions to destroy the British army at Dunkirk, which they could so easily have done, allowing it to escape largely intact – in the belief that Britain might still sue for an honourable peace. However it was not to be – those in the British government such as Lord Halifax and Rab Butler who were in favour of peace were ousted in favour of Winston Churchill now seen by some as having always been intent on war whatever the cost [34]. The final attempt by Germany to secure peace with Britain, appears to have been the secret flight to Scotland by Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess on 10th. May 1941. By this time, Hitler knew what has never been made widely known, namely that Russia was massing a vast army along its western borders ready for an attack on to Germany. It is clear that the Red Army existed as an offensive army from the military principles agreed by Stalin before the war. “war preparations are preparations for attack – defensive measures serve solely to protect preparations for attack and the execution of attack – the red Army is the most offensive of all armies” [35]. Was the Hess mission a desperate bid by Germany to avoid a war on two fronts by securing peace in the west, and to persuade Britain that the real threat lay to the east? Hess was arrested soon after landing in Scotland. Subsequently he was kept confined in Spandau jail, Berlin for 40 years or more after the war. Was this to ensure that he could never make public the real reasoning behind his mission? In the end the Germans pre-empted a Russian invasion with a massive attack of their own – operation Barbarossa - designed to deal a quick knock out blow to the Russian military machine. By the end of 1941, it was clear that it had failed in its objective, but it led to the most horrific campaign of World War 2 in which both sides did terrible things.

In the eastern theatre, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which brought the U.S. into the war officially took everyone completely by surprise. However a new book “Day of Deceit: the Truth about Roosevelt And Pearl Harbour” reveals that President Roosevelt and his top advisers were aware of a planned Japanese attack as was Winston Churchill. The military at Pearl Harbour were kept in the dark. Economic sanctions were used to help provoke an attack, because it was reckoned that without the US entering the war, Britain had little hope of defeating Germany. With Germany and Japan tied by an alliance, war against Japan by the US meant war against Germany as well. The so called “surprise” led to public outrage and immediate support for entering the war. At the end of the war it was President Truman who ordered the dropping of 2 atomic bombs on Japan and perpetrated the lie that has lasted for over 50 years, that the reason was to save lives and shorten the war. In fact Japan was making peace moves, which the U.S. government chose to ignore in order to create the excuse to demonstrate the full horrors of the bomb, for the purpose basically of demonstrating US power and scaring the Soviet Union. [36]

No war can be fought unless it is supported by banks and big business. Brief mention has already been made about banks funding both sides, but big business also supported both sides. Allied business supported Hitler – the international ties of big corporations enabled them to pursue their own policies in war – US firms collaborated with their German sister companies through holding companies in neutral countries such as Switzerland, Sweden and Liechtenstein, whilst the British and American governments turned a blind eye, or covertly approved what was happening. How would British and American citizens and service men have reacted had they known that Standard Oil of New Jersey shipped the enemy’s fuel through neutral Switzerland, or that Ford trucks were built for use in France by the occupying German army with authorisation from head office in Michigan, or that the head of ITT flew to Berne Switzerland to help improve German communications systems and the V1 bombs that later devastated London. or that ITT built the Focke Wulfs that dropped bombs on British and American troops? As Telford Taylor US Chief Counsel At the Nuremburg trials observed: “if all the accomplices of the of the Nazi war criminals were in the dock today, the entire ruling class of the capitalist world would be found guilty..” [37]

The Holocaust. Anyone questioning any detail of the commonly accepted view of the Jewish Holocaust is immediately reviled and branded “holocaust denier”. This is forbidden territory – in modern Germany, Austria, France and Canada “holocaust denial” is actually a criminal offence. Yes the Jews suffered terribly at the hands of the Nazis - the fabric of the closely knit traditional Jewish communities that were a feature of pre war eastern and central Europe was dismantled and destroyed never to return - but did as many as 6 million die, did they die in the ways claimed, and was “the final solution” a premeditated mass extermination policy? One thing is absolutely clear – the Nazi leadership despised the Jews and wanted every living Jew out of German controlled territory. How did this come about? What seems to have really happened is this…

During the years of the German Weimar republic, the German economy collapsed, and the German currency became largely worthless as a result of printing money to try to pay crippling war reparations imposed on Germany by the victors after World War One. At this time, wealthy Jews from other parts of Europe with access to hard currency were able to buy up large slices of German property and business interests for next to nothing. When added to the fact that Jews generally tended to occupy a disproportionate number of more affluent positions, this fuelled jealousy and popular resentment in some quarters of the impoverished German population, although Germans as a whole were not anti Jewish. Nevertheless this was used by certain political elements within Germany, especially Hitler’s rising National Socialist party, to stir up anti Jewish sentiments. As a result, there were eruptions of violence involving right wing groups directed against Jewish communities as a whole. Leading figures in world Jewry responded to this in March 1933, by declaring a world wide economic boycott of Germany. The Daily Express 24/3/1933 under the headline “Judea Declares War on Germany” reported on mass demonstrations by Jews especially across the USA – “The whole of Israel throughout the world is uniting to declare an economic and financial war on Germany…” Germany was “confronted with an international boycott of its trade, its finances its industry – in London, New York, Paris and Warsaw, Jewish businessmen are united to go on an economic crusade...” Hitler and his newly returned National Socialist Party government responded by declaring a one day ban on all trade with Jews on 1st April 1933. The Jewish boycott of Germany remained in place, and soon the Nazis went on the offensive - they sought to whip up hatred of the Jews, using vicious, crude propaganda, ultimately deciding on a policy of mass deportation forcing thousands to flee – in fact from 1933 to 1940 there was a carefully planned covert operation between the German government and leading Zionist organisations committed to setting up a Jewish homeland in Palestine, in order to facilitate the passage of thousands of German Jews to Palestine. Ultimately the Zionist elite undermined the boycott. Through highly placed bankers and financiers, they pursued a covert policy of funding Germany to keep Hitler’s government in power in order to exploit his anti-Jewish policies for their own political ends, namely the transfer of as many Jews as possible to Palestine. The Nazis perceived a threat from elite Jewish bankers and financiers who had funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, yet their response to this, was to terrorise and confiscate the property of thousands of ordinary decent men and women who wanted no more than to get on with their lives peacefully like anyone else - men and women who had always seen themselves first and foremost as German citizens. What happened beyond any shadow of doubt is what today we refer to as “ethnic cleansing” - and make no mistake, this was ethnic cleansing big time, with thousands of Jews forcibly transferred into camps and ghettos, and severe penalties for anyone caught trying to harbour and protect them.

No one should make light of what actually happened - what it was like to be ordered out of your home, rounded up in the town square, marched off to the station, then herded into cattle trucks and transported east to large labour camps – all this against a background of a major war - where your future was unknown, your property had been confiscated and your whole world and everything you knew and were familiar with, had effectively ceased to exist. When you got there you were stripped of your clothes, put in camp uniform, had your head shaved to prevent lice infestation and a number was tattooed on your arm. It can only have been a truly terrifying experience - one of the most brutal aspects of which was the splitting up of families on arrival – the separation of men and women - many of whom were never re-united . Elie Wiesal a Rumanian Jew who survived, provides a moving account in his memoirs “All Rivers Run to the Sea.” The sensitivities of those Jews who suffered in this way and who lost family and friends must therefore be respected. However, in the interests of historical accuracy and the Nazis being blamed for what they actually did and not for what they may not have done, it is important that, if there are exaggerations and fictions in relation to the holocaust, then free and open discussion and investigation must be permitted to ascertain what really happened. This is reinforced by the fact that the holocaust has been ruthlessly exploited by elements of American Jewry for financial and political gain, with massive reparation claims against Germany and Swiss banks etc. many of which have been proven to be false. Prof. Norman Finkelstein, himself Jewish and born to parents who survived the holocaust, examines this aspect of the matter in his new book “The Holocaust Industry”. He describes the Jewish organisations responsible as “hucksters, gangsters and crooks” and feels that, unless exposed , these individuals and organisations will do great damage to Jewish people as a whole by exploiting the suffering of Jews in this way [38]. Israeli writer and journalist Israel Shamir takes it one step further in an article entitled “Bankers and Robbers”. He shows how the largest compensation payments made by the German government and latterly by Swiss banks have ended up in the hands of a criminal elite rather than being paid to those who suffered, or the relatives of those who died. [39]

The 6 million dead in the holocaust has traditionally been based on four million claimed to have died at Auschwitz – which was liberated by the advancing Russian armies, not the western allies. That death toll was put out by the Soviets. However by 1989 even the official death toll at Auschwitz had been reduced to approximately one million, and the plaque at the remains of the camp claiming 4 million deaths has since been removed. Once claimed to be an extermination camp, it is now acknowledged that Bergen Belsen was actually a detention and labour camp [40]. Here and at many other camps in Germany itself, it seems the reason why so many inmates died especially in the final months of the war, was because of terrible overcrowding, as inmates had been moved ahead of the advancing Russian army into fewer camps. Furthermore, with constant allied air attacks on communications, and with the German infrastructure devastated by mass bombing raids, it was becoming increasingly difficult if not impossible to get supplies to the camps. Disease and mass starvation were the results, as revealed by the horrific emaciated bodies that the liberators found on arrival at the camps. All this was confirmed by the International Red Cross which inspected the camps in Germany during the war and reported around 300,000 deaths in total mainly in the last months of the war for the reasons mentioned. They confirmed there were no gas chambers in camps in Germany, although as Douglas Reed, a European correspondent of the Times during the 30’s, points out, reports of gas chambers at Auschwitz (in Poland) could not be verified by western observers to whom the Russians denied access.

It is assumed nowadays that all the victims were Jews and all the human remains found in the camps were those of Jews. Douglas Reed investigated the subject, interviewing many survivors. He revealed this was not the case – camp inmates included Poles, Czechs, Hungarians etc. and also dissident Germans. Jews were only a small fraction – most had left Germany and the territories it annexed before the war for Palestine or other parts of Europe which never came under German occupation. In the east, Russia and Poland, many Jews were moved to safety east of the Ural mountains. Reed points out that there were never as many as 6 million Jews under German control and that this figure for the number who died was a “grotesque exaggeration” serving to divert attention from thousands of non Jewish inmates who also suffered and died in the camps. The first victims were the sick and those incapable of work followed by those whom the Nazis regarded as inferior races – Poles especially. Reed goes on to reveal that persecution was widespread amongst the inmates themselves – below the SS who were in overall charge, it was Communists who ended up running day to day life in the camps – they tortured and killed other inmates and many of the persecutors were Jews. [41]

Of course there are many Jewish eye witness accounts as to what happened – the survivors of the holocaust, but these are not all reliable by any means as Professor Finkelstein points out in the Holocaust Industry: “…because enduring the camps became a crown of matyrdom, many Jews who spent the war elsewhere represented themselves as camp survivors… Another motive behind this was material – the post war German government paid compensation to Jews who had been in ghettos and camps. Many Jews fabricated their pasts to meet this eligibility requirement. If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?

It is often claimed that it was at the Wannsee Conference of leading Germans on 20th January 1942, that a decision was finally made to exterminate European Jewry – the so called “final solution”. The Wannsee Protocol is the only documentary record of this meeting. It certainly makes for chilling reading, about the removal of Jews from Europe by mass deportation to the east and the sterilisation of those remaining. Although it refers to a final solution, the fact is that, despite the content of the BBC dramatisation “Conspiracy” screened on 25/1/02, claiming otherwise, the document itself makes no mention of premeditated mass murder by any means, let alone by the use of gas chambers. The nearest it comes to this is firstly a reference to the fact that the Jews would be worked in the east to build roads until they dropped, and secondly that if a lot died in the deportation process, that wasn’t a problem and, in the meantime, they were to be used as a source of labour for the war effort [42]. Hence the mass movement into detention and labour camps. It may have been more a case of rounding up all remaining Jews in German controlled territory, pending a decision where to send them after the war, rather than to kill them all systematically.

All in all with conflicting reports, it becomes very difficult to know exactly what occurred in the camps. The writer and journalist Elie Wiesal, who was a boy of 16 at the time, was utterly traumatised by his experience especially the separation from his mother and sisters whom he never saw again, and the subsequent death of his father from sickness and malnutrition in Buchenwald, to which both had been transferred from Auschwitz, just weeks before the end of the war. His descriptions in “All rivers Run to the Sea” are understandably filled with pain and emotion, yet there is hardly a mention of gas chambers and the evidence of killings by Germans that he mentions is what he later heard from others - his first hand accounts of people led away are rather vague. And some of the emotion clearly arises out of the later claims about 6 million dead and the massive use of crematoria to burn the bodies. However when Wiesal writes: “…do not deny it, I forbid you to deny it ..”, the reader is left under no illusion as just how sensitive an issue this is. The fact is that however uncomfortable and painful it may be to some, to ascertain what really happened, emotion has to be set aside… Some say logistically it would have been impossible to have gassed the numbers that are supposed to have died in this way, and that gas chambers were simply used for delousing of clothing etc. As an expert in the somewhat macabre area of state executions in the US, Fred Leuchter’s expertise included the construction and operation of gas chambers. Called as an expert witness in a case in Canada where one Ernst Zundel was facing a trial arising out of his questioning the use of gas chambers by the Nazis for mass extermination, Leuchter subsequently visited the facilities in Poland at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek. After extensive tests and observations etc. he produced the Leuchter Report in which he concluded that there were no facilities at these locations that were capable of being used for mass executions [43].

Furthermore, both Leuchter and Italian historian Carl Mattogno, have questioned whether the crematoria at the camps could possibly have coped with the vast number of dead bodies that are supposed to have been cremated in them. Mattogno concludes, after detailed investigations of the installations used, that they could not - being designed to cremate just one body at a time and that they were installed to cope with an increasing death toll from diseases such as typhus that became rife in the camps. [44]

The true holocaust was the war itself in which over 50 million lives were lost – 3million non Jewish Poles, 6 million Slavs not to mention the huge toll of Russians and of course Germans. All sides did terrible things – that is the nature of war. The toll of Jews, Douglas Reed reckons does not reach one million [45] and as Professor Finkelstein says in “the Holocaust Industry”: “Much of the literature on Hitler’s final solution is worthless as scholarship – holocaust studies are replete with nonsense if not sheer fraud…”

Following the war it was the Germans who were on the receiving end – British, American and Russian leaders meeting at Yalta and Potsdam in 1945, decided to implement their own piece of ethnic cleansing in what was referred to as “the orderly and humane transfer of populations”. In practice this led to the forced and brutal expulsion of millions of Germans, along with confiscation of their property, from territories that were severed from Germany following its surrender and which were incorporated in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Mainstream history books also make no mention of the treatment of 5 million Germans described as “disarmed enemy forces” after Germany’s surrender in 1945 and who were imprisoned in the harshest conditions including open air camps, and of whom more than a million are reckoned to have perished. [46]

Oil and the Gulf.. Turning now to more recent events, George Bush Snr. for years was head of the CIA, an organisation dedicated to lies, propaganda, deception and manipulation, as demonstrated by a major disinformation campaign which, in the public mind, successfully put the blame on Libya and the Soviet Union for terrorism in the 1970’s [47]. As Vice-president and President, Bush Snr. was later involved in the Iran Contra arms scandal and the profits of drug trafficking by the CIA that helped to finance it. Later his administration did so much to precipitate the Gulf War, by implementing a policy whereby America supported and armed Iraq to help neutralise the US’s adversary Iran in the Iran/Iraq war. The US then actively pressed Kuwait to flood the oil market at the expense of Iraq, plunging it into economic crisis, precipitating the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and then ordered “Desert Storm” which included the near total destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure by mass bombing, the burying of Iraqi conscripts in trenches by the use of excavators, and the slaughter of more Iraqi conscripts in retreat under white flags of surrender [48]. As for the chemical and biological weapons that Iraq once had, these or the technology and materials to develop them were supplied by the US and Britain. The purpose of the war was not to remove a totalitarian regime with an atrocious human rights record against dissident minorities, but rather to destroy an independently minded country with the second largest known oil reserves in the world, intent on controlling its oil resources for its own benefit. Since then sanctions have been kept in place with appalling consequences for the ordinary people of Iraq – these were never going to bring down Saddam Hussein, whose regime has successfully insulated itself against the worst effects. Rather they have been used to control the oil flow and to keep Iraq weak and ineffective on the global stage. Furthermore, two utterly false claims were made against the Iraqis to demonise them. First the claim during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, that Iraqi soldiers ripped babies off incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital was totally untrue – the sobbing young girl who made the allegation was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S., and the whole thing was stage managed by international public relations firm Hill & Knowlton who were employed by the Kuwaiti government in exile [49]. Secondly, the oil wells of Kuwait were set ablaze not by the retreating Iraqis, but by fast moving teams of U.S. special forces. U.S. companies based in Texas, in which the Bush family has large stakes, made a financial killing from the clean up and reconstruction work. [50]


The last 250 years or so has witnessed the march of Newtonian science, Darwinian evolution and much more. We have amassed invaluable knowledge of the physical world around us. But this is only a small part of the picture, and in many parts of the world, humanity has become so unaware spiritually that it is now regarded as quite normal and reasonable to see ourselves as just our physical bodies and when those die, it’s oblivion. This mechanistic view of the universe, which is seen as no more than a chemical interaction of atoms and molecules - just some gigantic physical accident - is the one promoted by the scientific establishment. In the west, fewer and fewer people can accept Christianity’s explanation of life - one life on earth - could be long and prosperous, short and filled with poverty and hardship, or even just months or less, then all are judged on the basis of that one life, prior to some eternal afterlife elsewhere. None of this is helped by talk of “God” as “he” which for many, can’t help but conjure up some absurd image of a little old man in the sky. Eastern religions, especially Buddhism, with their knowledge and acceptance of reincarnation, are finding increasing acceptance in the west, along with many new age ideas incorporating the same fundamentals. Interestingly, early Christianity also accepted reincarnation, but abandoned it after the 5th Ecumenical Church Council of 553 A.D., following internal power struggles and manipulation that had a lot more to do with control of the masses than spiritual enlightenment. However these ideas are still on the fringe, as so many struggle to find some meaning to their lives.

Enlightened scientists on the cutting edge of quantum physics, with their understanding that everything is pure energy - even that which appears to be solid matter - begin to see that our consciousness is separate from our minds and bodies. It simply moves on to another dimension of existence following the “death” of the physical body – indeed scientific proof of survival of the death of the body now exists [51]. If one can get hold of it, the evidence for re-incarnation is pretty convincing. There have been so many reports from reliable sources of past life experiences. People have brought back strikingly detailed descriptions of places and events, which have been verified as true from the records – so much so, as to rule out any possibility that they are making it up and trying to deceive us. If we all knew and accepted this, it would remove forever the fear of death that so many people have. This would have a profound influence on people in the western world. But the scientific establishment – the men and women in white coats, the priests and priestesses of the modern world – still largely mock such ideas.

It is suggested in some quarters, that those with high levels of esoteric knowledge have deliberately withheld that knowledge, and have been content to watch the march of conventional science divert us from knowing and understanding our true enduring nature, because in such a state of ignorance, we are so much more likely to become mere robots or cogs in a machine, and so much easier to control. In reality, each one of us is a unique aspect of God with enormous potential. Once we understand this, we will realise there is no need of intermediaries in the form of religions, dogmas and priests. We may begin to understand what true freedom is.

However for centuries, dogmatic religions have been used as the means to control the masses and their thinking. Christianity maintained that we were all worthless sinners, living by God’s grace. Our only hope was the promise of eternal life hereafter, provided we surrender to the dictates of the priesthood. In recent times, the message has been moderated somewhat, but millions have turned their back on all this and the church’s influence has been on the wane for years now and is only a shadow of what it was.

As people in the west have turned their backs on conventional religion, looking for new meaning, a host of loosely knit ideas have come together under the so called “New Age” movement. It lacks any form of central organisation or authority and has no leading figure or any particular doctrine – indeed no-one knows how many adherents it has or how many are influenced by it. No single book defines it or its objectives – yet there are dozens of books by numerous authors that come under this loose category known as New Age. However there is one underlying central idea – we are living in a period of great transformation - the new millennium marks the beginning of the age of Aquarius - (this is mirrored in conventional religion by the “Second Coming” or “Final Judgement”). This is presented as a transformation of society that is spiritual, social, ecological and self realising, and above all, that it is unstoppable! Such concepts are worrying to any centralised authority that wishes to maintain control, and they will naturally seek to hijack the belief systems upon which it is based.

If we look at many new age publications we begin to notice that many are not so free wheeling and self realising as might be thought at first. There are spiritual hierarchies, chosen ones, ascended masters, the Great White Brotherhood, Ashtar Commands, Arcturians, Pleidians, to name but a few. A whole array of cosmic characters to whom individuals could surrender their right to think for themselves. In addition there are a number of rather more earthly characters on the scene, in the form of self styled charismatic gurus with bands of doting followers. The New Age contains many liberating growth enhancing concepts that break the bonds of conventional thought and religion, but there is a real danger of a new form of dogma being imposed in the form of these spiritual hierarchies. The best advice to anyone involved in the New Age is - if the book or guru isn’t telling you that within you lies the power to liberate yourself and think for yourself ,and to realise that you are an aspect of the divine, with no need of intermediaries of any description whatsoever – then be wary and discriminating. Even a book such as “the Only Planet of Choice” which has won almost universal acclaim in the New Age movement and clearly contains a great deal of wisdom, nevertheless contains potentially very misleading concepts about hierarchies, returning gods and secret knowledge that will be revealed in time. Government agencies would want to know if spiritual esoteric communications with discarnate beings were genuine and if so how they could be used for their advantage. In fact as far as the conversations with the so called “Council of Nine” with whom the dialogue which make ups “The Only Planet of Choice” takes place is concerned, one or two of the instigators have been found to have links with the intelligence services [52]. The danger in a book like this lies in the fact that because it contains a lot of good material, people believe it all, including, crucially, the misleading information as well. This is a widespread intelligence service tactic - when you want people to believe something, conceal the lies in something that contains a substantial degree of truth.

It’s now time to take look behind the spiritual scenes! What we find is a whole array of secret societies with rituals and claiming esoteric knowledge, imparted only to initiates. There are, and have been for many years, if not centuries, those who have believed in the principles of Synarchy. Whereas anarchy in its purest form essentially means complete freedom from state control, Synarchy is the opposite – complete control in three key areas – economics, politics and religion. It represents government by secret societies – initiates who operate from behind the scenes based on orders that are essentially masonic by nature. Synarchy in the early years of the 20th. century believed in a federal European Union… Its roots lie in the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians, and are influential in the writings of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey which in turn have influenced the New Age movement [53]. It has spawned, for example, the Order of the Oriental Templars, Argenteum Astrum (Silver Stars) and the Order of Melchizedek, which is said to see itself as in charge of “consciousness reprogramming” [54].

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