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Surveillance cameras are in almost every high street now – part of what the Guardian, on 25/1/99, reported as little known EU proposals that would lead to a massive expansion of surveillance. Local councils and frequently the public, enthusiastically endorse the plans – it will prevent crime they say – maybe, but with masses of crime in some areas, there’s not a lot of evidence of that so far. Perhaps more important from the authorities point of view, these can also be used to identify anyone and monitor their activities and movements, particularly those of political activists and dissidents. With the introduction of driving licences with photographs and passport photographs, both of which are digitally duplicated in central computer banks, it is possible, through image comparison, to identify anyone in seconds. Speed check cameras, now common on many roads, by reading a number plate can also be used to track the movement of any vehicle across the country.

If you go on any sort of protest march or demonstration, you will be filmed on video cameras by police or security personnel, and the surveillance cameras in the area will be working overtime... Big Brother is watching you more and more... and he can also listen to you via the Echelon communications monitoring system run by the American "National Security Agency" operating out of bases at Morwenstow, Cornwall and Menwith Hills, North Yorkshire. This system monitors telephone, fax and e-mail communications throughout Europe and elsewhere. It is programmed to lock on to a particular communication for analysis if certain "key" words are used in that communication [16]. If you carry a mobile phone, even when switched off, it emits a radio signal to the nearest base station. With the co-operation of the mobile phone companies, your movements can be tracked.

Under the Security Services Act, MI5 now has powers of policing with wide discretion to bug and burgle, but with no definition of what categories of people are liable to surveillance, and no limit on what activities can be subject to surveillance. In 1998, the EU came up with Enfopol 98, a plan requiring telecommunications companies to build tapping connections into every kind of communications system including mobile phones , the internet, fax machines, pagers and interactive cable TV services. Pursuant to this, using a “fast track” bill and its huge majority in parliament, the government rushed through the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act which gives the police and security services the power to monitor internet mailing lists. They can also order internet service providers to give them access to peoples’ private E-mail. The latest measures, contained in an EU directive, allow governments to require that phone and internet companies shall retain detailed logs of their customers communications for an unlimited period – presently these are kept for short periods for billing purposes and are destroyed thereafter. Whilst police still require a warrant to intercept the content of electronic communications, this legislation means they can build up a complete picture of peoples personal communications, including who they have e-mailed and telephoned and which internet websites they have visited [17]. As always, it is claimed that such measures are targeted at organised crime such as drug trafficking, paedophilia, terrorism etc., but clearly they can and will be used against any form of dissent or protest movements.


There has been a dramatic increase in recent years of legislation that limits personal freedoms. An early example aimed at the right of people to gather peaceably was the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 which made certain forms of trespass a criminal offence. The first example of detention without trial in Britain are detention provisions for those said to be "mentally disturbed" and as a result "a danger to themselves or the public". Who decides what is meant by these terms and what is a threat to the public..? or perhaps the powers running the state. Europol has a brief to monitor people critical of the existing order from a psychological angle – perhaps they need “treatment”.

The Terrorism Act 2000 has widened the definition of terrorism enormously to include the threat of "serious violence" against any person or property. How could this definition be interpreted? The term “terrorist” has traditionally been used to refer to armed thugs who carry out shootings and plant bombs, but this Act can clearly embrace the likes of people who tear up genetically modified crops. Furthermore, could these provisions be used against, for example, protesting farmers where scuffles and damage to property has occurred? The Act goes further - organisations can be "outlawed" - addressing a meeting at which there is a member of such an organisation is an offence. There are additional stop and search powers for the police, and expressing support can be treated as "incitement". All newly created terrorist offences carry very severe penalties, as part of a process which seems intent on creating a state in which no dissent of any description will be tolerated.

The only way you can get the public to accept all this is by having a climate of fear in which people will forego their freedoms in the call for more "state protection". The Criminal Justice and Conspiracy Act 1998, universally condemned by human rights groups, followed the Omagh bomb outrage in Northern Ireland so quickly that one wonders if it was not already drafted even before the bomb went off….

In 1999, we had horrific bombings in London aimed at black people and gays. These people naturally demand more "protection", but part of that "protection" will be more legislation restricting personal freedom, more surveillance cameras and increased powers for the police. So who really gains - is it not the authorities who wish to introduce repressive laws? And who exactly is responsible for these outrages….?
In the murky world of the intelligence and security services, their trade is treachery - state backed terrorism using propaganda, disinformation, manipulation and murder. They have ties with all kinds of sinister extremist groups, which seem to be infiltrated as a matter of course by the security services. One might say this is essential to keep tabs on their activities, but it is now apparent that the infiltrators are often there to act as “agent provocateurs”. Combat 18, an extreme right wing racist group is actually reckoned to have been set up initially by the intelligence services. Agent provocateurs have clearly played a role in the violence seen recently in anti capitalist demonstrations in London, Gothenburg, Genoa, Barcelona etc, - in Gothenburg and Genoa there were eye witness accounts of violent “protesters” producing their ID cards to police and then being given safe passage behind police lines [18]. All this no doubt to try to bring the wider protest movement into disrepute. This is a world of subversion, where state agencies, media sharks, anarchists and the political fringe overlap. The magazine “the Searchlight” (NOT to be confused with the now defunct American investigative newspaper “the Spotlight”) is reckoned to be an M.I.5 mouthpiece and even ITV’s “World in Action” programme is referred to as “M.I.5 in Action” in some circles. This reflects the fact that there are journalists and media workers who are deep cover intelligence service operatives whose prime task is to get misleading stories and disinformation into the newspapers etc.

If the powers that be want to bring in more surveillance and laws suppressing public freedom, what more effective way than to get involved with extremists, play “agent provocateur” and help perpetrate an atrocity? A year or two back, David Copeland, was convicted for the 1999 London bombs. From his associations it is clear that he encountered these sorts of people. It is now apparent that the security services knew of him and had identified him as the perpetrator of the first bomb attack, yet nothing was done and he went on to bomb the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho. Why not? In the aftermath of this type of atrocity, a fearful outraged public along with M.Ps. demand "something must be done..." They call for the very measures the authorities want in the first place.... more surveillance cameras, powers for the police, tracking devices to help identify and catch these terrible criminals etc." It is now clear that a warning about a major bomb attack was given to police in Northern Ireland just before the Omagh bombing which precipitated the Criminal Justice and Conspiracy Act … yet the information was not acted upon. It is also known that the IRA is infiltrated by undercover British military personnel [19]. Furthermore, unemployment, an ever tighter benefits system and restricted public spending on facilities in run down inner city areas – all this creates anger and despair - the conditions that breed the sort of general crime that also causes people to demand surveillance etc. for protection. Are there people in power, perhaps behind the scenes, who reckon that social deprivation leading to increased crime is a convenient offshoot of such policies, thus creating the conditions that cause the public to demand more “protective” measures?

In the United States, as awareness and alarm about the emerging “New World Order” grows, a few people are forming into militia groups willing to resort to armed resistance. The authorities claimed that Timothy McVeigh, who was found guilty of the Oklahoma City bomb outrage, had such connections. However, the size and sophistication of the explosive device(s) used was way beyond anything a small militia group could have produced. Investigators suspect a carefully planned sting operation to put the blame on militia groups, and to use this as an excuse to remove the right of U.S.citizens to carry guns. Guns are hardly a good thing, but this should not be allowed to conceal the real reason why some in government want to ban guns. The government has also used the outrage as an excuse to increase the use of wiretaps and internet censorship.

In the U.S., the National Security Agency (NSA) or “No Such Agency” as it is sometimes known, is said to keep files and information on many thousands of U.S. citizens. Likewise here MI5 and Special Branch have thousands of files on British citizens.

The Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, Olaf Palme, Yitzak Rabin, Diana Princess of Wales - every time a prominent figure is gunned down, it always gets blamed on a mad gunman acting alone – or in Diana’s case an “accident”. And in some cases, the alleged killer ends up being killed or witnesses conveniently have an accident - it’s all wearing a bit thin isn’t it? Enter again the intelligence and security services – the international heavy mob. Both MI5 and MI6 are unaccountable to the British parliament and the CIA likewise unaccountable to Congress in the US . The CIA is reckoned to operate a substantial “black budget”- the proceeds of drug trafficking, in which it is heavily involved in the Caribbean and Colombia, are carefully laundered and kept separate so as to avoid congressional scrutiny. It then uses these to fund its “dirty tricks” campaigns world-wide – e.g. seeking to destabilise governments that act in their own interests as opposed to those of the US.[20]

Latest research into JFK’s murder reveals that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad worked with leading figures in the CIA supportive of Israel, particularly James Jesus Angleton, to eliminate Kennedy. Kennedy was determined to ensure that Israel did not develop nuclear weapons, he wanted friendly relations with Arabs states and he wanted to settle the problem of Palestinians forced from their homes when the state of Israel was created. Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and the powerful Jewish lobby in the US saw this as a threat to the existence of the state of Israel… the rest as they say is history.[21]

An example that came to light some time ago was the MI5/CIA killing of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan People’s Bureau in London in 1984. Blamed on Libya, this successfully turned British public opinion against Libya, and paved the way for the use of British air bases for American raids on Tripoli in 1986, the purpose of which were to kill Col. Qathafi [22]. Qathafi had already been wrongly blamed for involvement in terrorism in previous years - his real sin in the eyes of Britain and the U.S, was to take control of his country’s oil resources for the benefit of his own people - something the Anglo American oil companies will never accept.

In Russia a security service whistle-blower has recently revealed how the KGB’s successor the FSB was in 1999 responsible for bomb attacks on flats in Moscow and elsewhere which claimed 300 lives. Blamed on “Chechen terrorists”, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, himself an ex KGB boss, used these atrocities as the justification for an all out assault in Chechnya. [23]

There is hardly a country in central and south America where the CIA has not been involved in covert operations to maintain a regime, or help impose a regime, no matter how ruthless, so long as it supports the interests of the U.S. elite. Chile, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua are the best known and all this ties in well with the “Grand Area” envisaged by the Council on Foreign Relations back in 1941. Indeed a terrorist training facility is maintained at home in the US. Set up in 1946, it was called the “School of the Americas” but has recently renamed itself the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Co-operation. Its victims run into many thousands. It is based in Fort Benning, Georgia, and it is funded by the US government. It has trained more than 60,000 soldiers and policemen in Central and South America. Among its graduates are many of the continent's most notorious torturers, mass murderers, dictators and state terrorists. For example, in 1993, the United Nations truth commission on El Salvador named the army officers who had committed the worst atrocities of the civil war. Two-thirds of them had been trained at the School of the Americas. In Chile, the school's graduates ran both Augusto Pinochet's secret police and his three principal concentration camps. In February 2001 an SOA graduate in Colombia was convicted of complicity in the torture and killing of 30 peasants by paramilitaries. The school's training manuals include top tips for terrorists such as blackmail, torture, execution and the arrest of witnesses' relatives. [24]

So who is behind the security services? Not being answerable to government, they appear to be a law unto themselves, but in reality they are actually corporately backed and receive corporate funding as well as state funding. They do the bidding of the military industrial complex with their orders coming from a cabal of financial, industrial and political godfathers. Their sponsors include the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Council for Foreign Relations, the European Round Table of Industrialists, the Bilderberg Group, the Tri lateral Commission, World Economic Forum etc. They have their own forum too - the Pinay Circle, the membership of which reinforces the point, being made up as it is, of senior personnel from the CIA ,MI6, Mossad etc, along with military chiefs, right wing politicians, bankers and corporate bosses [25]. MI6 and the CIA are essentially the same beast, and other agencies such as the German BDR and Israel’s Mossad are closely connected. The Special Air Services (SAS) is the military connection to MI6- SAS units frequently implement “special operations” abroad designed to help achieve political objectives – e.g. training local guerrillas and dissidents to overthrow a national government not amenable to corporate aims. The training of Kurdish separatists in northern Iraq to fight against Saddam Hussein is a current long running example, and the recruitment and training in the 1980s, of the “Mujihadeen” to overthrow the socialist government of Afghanistan and remove the Russian presence that supported it, is another example.

Whereas MI6 is essentially concerned with overseas operations, MI5 is concerned with domestic operations. One department deals with breaking into private property, bugging and intimidating targets, another with prying into the personal affairs of deemed “subversives” and yet another linking in with the SAS is involved in physical intimidation, beatings and murder [26] A classic example of the corporate agenda being pursued by an intelligence service that has come to light recently, is the CIA’s funding of the European Movement in Britain as far back as the 1950’s, the object of which was to promote British membership of the European Union’s forerunner the Common Market. [27]


Overt control always has a finite life, because in the end, as history shows, there will always be rebellion against it. However covert control can continue indefinitely, because people don’t rebel against something they don’t realise exists. People who think they are free will not complain that they are not. Thus it is, that the greatest barrier to freedom is the mistaken belief that it has already been attained, or put another way, the most effective form of slavery is to have slaves who think they are free….

In other words to maintain control indefinitely, the only effective way ultimately of doing this is by directing and influencing the way people think. This is done in many subtle ways – the media presenting a view of world events in a particular way, political spin doctors using anything from half truths to out and out lies, public relations firms used to promote a favourable image for big corporations, TV soaps and dramas presenting violence, family abuse and infidelity as “normal” behaviour. Magazines galore denigrating the sexual experience as the ultimate in cheap thrills. Religions that have preached hell and damnation and branded everyone as unworthy sinners. An education system, based on obedience and conformity, which teaches children what to think rather than how to think, and designed to turn out people to take their place in a gigantic economic market place that daily becomes more like a war zone, where people compete for profits, pay and jobs in an ever more desperate battle to survive. The whole system is largely self perpetuating, because most people, at some level, prefer not to think for themselves. They prefer it if someone else tells them what to believe and what to do. They can recite the week’s entire TV schedule, they can tell you exactly what’s happening in Coronation Street, but they may never read a book which exercises their minds and from which they could really learn something. And how many of us have come up with truly original ideas as opposed to having picked them up from elsewhere…

Most people do not fully understand the power of subliminal images – they are used for example, very successfully in TV adverts. They were also in widespread use in the Millennium Dome. On the face of it, the Dome was basically corporate promotion – big business sponsored most of the exhibits – yet it went further – everywhere you were bombarded with images on TV screens and messages from concealed loudspeakers – in the Money section a close up of a woman’s face on a screen was constantly saying “Spend spend spend..” In places, it was all so intense that at times it felt one’s mind was being scrambled.

However the security services take it all one step further. To be able to influence and control people’s behaviour directly by implanting thoughts, beliefs or instructions into their minds and wiping out memories -this is the ultimate form of control - and the CIA has been working on it for over 50 years through projects such as MK-Ultra and Monarch. It seems now that an individual could be "programmed" to carry out a killing or to plant a bomb, sometimes not recalling what they have done or why they did it, or even killing themselves afterwards... [28] Look at the fear generated by the horror of the Dunblane shootings in this country. A gun man goes beserk in a small Scottish town, and suddenly, no-one feels safe anywhere. Some researchers are convinced that there is much more than meets the eye behind this and other killings like it [29]. People react by demanding more surveillance, and almost total abolition of guns too.

Under the headline “The Battle for Children’s Minds” – “Ritalin made my son a demon” the Observer 9/4/2000 reported that nearly 200,000 children in Britain are being given the psychiatric drug Ritalin to treat what is described as “attention deficit /hyperactivity disorder”. One mother reported how her son became like something out of the Exorcist and stabbed his brother in the foot [30]. The use of psychiatric drugs in the U.S. is more widespread – little known research indicates that the teenagers who carried out the terrible school shootings were on such drugs [31]. As far as these drugs are concerned their widespread and increasing use is a big money spinner for the pharmaceutical industry which is perhaps a more obvious motivation for their promotion.

The CIA mind control programmes seem to have produced a particularly nasty off-shoot. There is evidence of depraved sexual and physical abuse of young women and even children too. The victims are apparently selected in early childhood, from children found to have been sexually abused. They are then subjected to mind control, involving torture and gross sexual abuse by their controllers to programme them to pander to the sexual depravities of a number of well known top level people in government, and also not to be able to recall their horrific experiences. For the full story and those involved, see the book “Trance Formation of America” by Cathy O’Brien, (Reality Marketing Inc. 1995) the only victim apparently to escape this vice ring, and to be able to recall and tell of her ordeal, and her rescuer and co-author Mark Philips. The fact that no legal action has been threatened or taken against the authors, but threats have been made against their lives, suggests that in spite of possible difficulties associated with bringing out repressed memories reliably, something very unpleasant has been and is still taking place.


He who controls the past controls the present and he who controls the present controls the future…,” George Orwell.

The manipulation of history is nothing new – it is an age old art – Voltaire once described history as a lie commonly agreed upon. The Romans took it to its zenith – following their adoption of Christianity, they destroyed the massive ancient library at Alexandria in Egypt, and with it was lost perhaps for ever, a host of esoteric knowledge and the true history of the ancient world. In their attempts to vanquish foes, they claimed that the Druids conducted human sacrifice on a gargantuan scale, broiling hundreds of victims in a huge wickerwork colossus. Military domination wasn’t enough – they had to manufacture false or exaggerated scenarios to turn the people against their enemies, thus ensuring public support. As Harry Elmer Barnes proclaimed “the truth is always the first casualty in war”. It the victors who write the history books in which their actions, causes and objectives will be fully justified, whilst the vanquished will be portrayed in the worst possible light….

This is well illustrated in relation to Germany in the 20th. century. Ever since the late 19th. century Germany had its own plans to become a major independent power in Europe and the world – this seems contrary to certain elite ideas for a still distant form of global control. It took two world wars to destroy German ambitions. Between the wars, attempts were made to dismember the German state – French troops illegally occupied the industrial heartland of the Ruhr in 1923 and at the same time communist agitators tried to form a separatist Bavaria, which came very close to succeeding [32]. Though not remotely in the same league as Stalin’s communist regime in Russia, which murdered many millions of their own people, the Nazi regime was manipulative, repressive and totalitarian, even though Hitler’s National Socialist party enjoyed substantial public support, becoming the largest single party following the 1932 election, as a result Hitler was requested by Chancellor Hindenberg to take over as his successor in 1933. They successfully lifted Germany out of the great depression and couldn’t help but gain massive public support for doing so. Nor, it seems, was Hitler a madman intent on ruling the world, as he is now so often portrayed. What he was intent upon doing, was to unite all Germans in a single state, primarily as a bastion against a perceived Bolshevik Russian threat from the east, and in particular to recover the territories which were severed from Germany at the Versailles peace treaty in 1919. To understand German actions, one must be aware of the political aims of Bolshevism that “the revolution” was to be spread across the globe by whatever means were necessary – sooner or later expansion west into Europe by Stalin was seen as inevitable by the Nazis. Fearing this, the last thing Hitler wanted was a war against Britain and France, whom the Germans saw ultimately as facing the same threat from the east as themselves. In parts of Poland, which were German until 1919, Germans suffered serious discrimination which the Poles were unwilling to address. Furthermore, Poland had made a number of irregular military incursions into German territory at the end of August 1939 [33]. This was the catalyst for the German invasion on 1st. September 1939 which then caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany.

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