Who runs the world ? An overview of what’s really behind the “New World Order”…

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World Development Movement - 25 Beehive Place, London SW9 7QR. Active campaigning group against poverty and debt in the 3rd. world.

Democracy Movement – Freepost Lon 10777, London SW6 1YZ. Active non party campaign group opposed to the European Union.

United Kingdom Independence Party – Triumph House, 189 Regent Street, London, W1R 7WF. Political party committed to British withdrawal from the European Union.

New Economics Foundation – Cinnamon House, 6-8 Cole Street, London, SE1 4YH.

Jubilee 2000 Coalition – now c/o New Economics Foundation – campaigns for cancellation of 3rd. world debt.

Campaign for Interest Free Money - Global Café, 15 Golden Square, London W1R 3AG – organises regular meetings examining alternatives to the current debt based money system.

ARROW - (Active Resistance to the Roots Of War) campaigns against the war in Afghanistan and against sanctions on Iraq. Produces very good information sheets, organises meetings and protest marches. 16b Cherwell Street Oxford OX4


  1. The Spotlight, an American weekly investigative newspaper with a right wing Christian patriotic stance, was nevertheless acknowledged to be the best single source of information on Bilderberg. In fact it had an outstanding record for accurate reporting of facts on many other subjects not covered by the mainstream media. It was closed down in July 2001 but has been succeeded by a new publication “American Free Press” available by subscription from 1433 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington D.C. 20003. www.american freepress.net

  2. See On Target 2/12/00 – On Target magazine provides an analysis and perspectives on global happenings not found in the mainstream media. Available by subscription from Intelligence Publications (UK) 26 Meadow Lane Sudbury Suffolk, CO12 2TD.

  3. See “Conspiracy Theories” by Robin Ramsay (Pocket Essentials 2001) in which chapter 4 mentions many other publicity shy groups dedicated to promoting and maintaining the Anglo American alliance. Available from 214 Westbourne Avenue, Hull, HU5 3JB.

  4. For details of radical new sources of pollution free energy see “The Coming Energy Revolution – the search for free energy” by Jeane Manning Avery Publishing USA 1996 (imported into UK.)

  5. “When Corporations Rule the World” by David Korten (Earthscan 1995), and “Captive State- the corporate take-over of Britain” by George Monbiot (Pan Books 2001) both highly recommended for a detailed account of corporate power. Also New Internationalist magazine, monthly by subscription from P.O. Box 79, Hertford, SG14 1AQ.

  6. This is only a very basic account on how banks create money – for more details and the problems it creates, see “Money & Banks – the hidden truth behind global debt” available from Richard Greaves. See document list below. For an a very readable in depth study see “The Grip of Death – a study of modern money, debt slavery and destructive economics” by Michael Rowbotham. (Jon Carpenter 1998)

  7. See “Germany’s War” in the Truth Campaign 23. The Truth Campaign is a quarterly magazine produced by Ivan Fraser and available from 49 Trevor Terrace, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE30 2DF.

  8. For an in depth study of this and also how American companies such as Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil, Du Pont and others had stakes in German industry see “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” by Antony Sutton (Bloomfield Books 1976)

  9. This is covered in detail in the book “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy – an investigative report exposing the truth about globalisation corporate cons and high finance fraudsters” by Greg Palast (Pluto Press 2002)

  10. For details of the full extent to which new Labour has become a part of the corporate agenda see “Captive State” by George Monbiot and “Prawn Cocktail Party” by Robin Ramsay – address note 3 above.

  11. This summary of the powers of the EU institutions was compiled by me from having studied the texts of the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht and the Single European Act.

  12. Two good sources of information on what’s going on in the EU corridors of power are Eurofacts, P.O. Box 9984 London W12 8WZ, and Facts Figures & Phantasies, from Independent Media Digest & Commentary, 20 Ramillies Road, London W14 1JN.

  13. The Spotlight 18/9/00 “UN Millennium Summit Promotes Global Army”

  14. For more details on the reality behind the break up of Yugoslavia see “Balkans Crisis – National Independence or Global War Policy?” a booklet produced by the Campaign Against Euro-Federalism, 57 Green Lane, Merseyside L45 8JQ. Also “The Spoils of War in Yugoslavia – Who profits?” a pamphlet produced by the British Association for Monetary Reform 27 Imberhorne Lane, Felbridge, West Sussex, RH19 1QX. bamr1@globalnet.co.uk

  15. The Spotlight 2/10/00 “Balkans War Booty Goes to Plutocratic Elite”

  16. “Echelon – the NSA’s Global Spying Network” Nexus magazine Aug/Sept 1999 – Nexus is available by subscription from 55 Queen’s Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG.

  17. “Law will allow police to spy on phone and net traffic”. Guardian 31/5/02

  18. See under “Comment” in Positive News Autumn 2001 – Positive News is a quarterly newspaper which, unlike the mainstream media, concentrates on the good things that are happening in the world, with contacts for getting involved in a wide range of projects and good causes. Available from 5 Bicton Enterprise Centre, Clun, Shropshire, SY7 8NF.

  19. For in depth studies in this very difficult area see “Notes from the Borderland” No. 3 by Larry O’Hara, BM Box 4769, London WC1N 3XX. Also “Lobster” magazine produced by Robin Ramsay, (address see note 3 above) is possibly the most reliable magazine regularly examining the role of the security services. The circumstances surrounding the Omagh bomb and the role of undercover agents in the IRA is covered in an article “A security service war unmasked” Morning Star 30/7/02.

  20. See Nexus magazine which regularly runs articles on the drugs trade e.g. “Deep Black – the CIA’s Secret Drug Wars” by David Guyatt. Nexus Dec97/Jan98.

  21. See book “Final Judgement” by Michael Collins Piper (The Centre for Historical Review 5th. Edition 2001) – available through American Free Press.

  22. See Lobster magazine Winter 1999 – which also challenges the claim in the press that in 1999, Libya finally admitted responsibility for the killing.

  23. See “Trial in absentia for Russian defector” - Guardian 29/5/02.

  24. See George Monbiot writing in the Guardian 30/10/01.

  25. See “The Pinay Circle – an invisible network” - Nexus Aug/Sept 1996.

  26. The book “Princess Diana – the Hidden Evidence” by Jon King and John Beveridge (SPI Books 2002) Chapters 4 to 8 are very good source of information on the security and intelligence services. Not only does the book contain very clear evidence that Diana was murdered and how a road traffic “accident” is a favoured method of assassination by the intelligence services, but it explores in detail the many motives for her murder. www.hiddenevidence.co.uk

  27. See “15 Lies from the European Movement” pamphlet by Rodney Atkinson – available from 1 Sands Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 3DJ.

  28. For more details, refer to articles by specialist investigator into mind control Armen Victorian which appear in both Nexus and Lobster magazines. e.g. “The military use of electromagnetic, microwave and mind control technology” Lobster - Winter 1998.

  29. The 1996 mass shooting in a café in Port Arthur, Tasmania was blamed on Martin Bryant, an intellectually impaired young man with no military or shooting experience. Joe Vialls in his book “Deadly Deception at Port Arthur” shows how only a highly trained combat shooter could kill 20 people in less than a minute shooting from the hip. Refer also www.vialls.homestead.com/bryant1

  30. See also special report “Attention-deficit disorder- inventing the syndrome to sell the solution” in the magazine “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” Feb. 2001. Available from Satellite House, 2 Salisbury Road, London SW19 4EZ. This is an excellent scientifically based monthly magazine that takes a critical but very level headed look at all aspects of the conventional medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry.

  31. See “School Violence – the Psychiatric Drugs Connection” by Jon Rappoport – Nexus Aug/Sept 1999.

  32. See the English translator’s introduction to the 1939 English edition of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle)

  33. See the Barnes Review – Nov/Dec 2001 page 62. The Barnes Review is an excellent bi-monthly magazine that “seeks to bring history into accordance with the facts.” Available from 130 Third Street SE, Washington D.C. 20003. www.barnesreview.org.

  34. Barnes Review – Nov/Dec 2001 “History you may have missed” also “World War 2 – an unnecessary war” – Barnes Review May/June 2002 which sets out more of the determined efforts Hitler made to secure peace with Britain., all of which were rejected out of hand by Churchill.

  35. See “Stalin’s War of Extermination 1941-45” by Jaochim Hoffman reviewed in the Barnes Review Jan/Feb 2002. Also “Stalin’s Secret War Plans – Why Hitler Invaded the Soviet Union” and “Operation Barbarossa and the Survival of Europe” - the Barnes Review - Nov/Dec 2000.

  36. See the book by Gar Alperovitz – “The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb”

  37. See “Trading with the Enemy – how allied multi-nationals supplied Nazi Germany throughout World War 2” (1983) by Charles Higham

  38. See “How to lose friends and alienate people” – Prof. Norman Finkelstein interviewed. See www.rense.com also The Truth Seeker no. 15. The Truth Seeker is a magazine appearing about 5 times a year available from Leading Edge Publications, Box 458, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1UL. Web page at www.timrifat.com

  39. The article can be found at www.israelshamir.net along with the other articles of Israel Shamir mentioned and quoted later.

  40. “Letters from Belsen” - book based on the dairy and letters of a Dutch girl interned at Belsen 1943-45 – The Guardian -Saturday Review 3/6/00.

  41. In “All Rivers Run to the Sea” (Harper Collins 1996) Elie Wiesel confirms brutality among the inmates at Auschwitz, including beatings by Jewish “kapos”.

  42. The Wannsee Protocol (English translation) is reproduced in the Truth Campaign 18. Mark Roseman, author of a new book “Wannsee and the Final Solution” contends that the protocol is coded and in particular that when it refers to “evacuation” of Jews, it actually means killing Jews, on the basis that a broad decision to deal with the Jewish question by mass murder was already being put into effect.

  43. See “The Return of ‘Mr. Death’ ” - Barnes Review Jan/Feb 2002.

  44. See “Revisionist Investigations of Auschwitz cremations” – Barnes Review Jan/Feb 2002. The Barnes Review Jan/Feb 2001 is entirely devoted to the holocaust and the background to it: e.g “Jewish Power & Prosperity in Germany”, “How Many Really Died at Auschwitz”, and also the economic boycott of Germany.

  45. Douglas Reed wrote extensively on this subject in “Far and Wide” (1951) and “The Controversy of Zion” (1978). An excellent summary can be found in Chapter 10 of “The Holy Land of Scotland” by Barry Dunford (Sacred Connections 2002).

  46. See “Eduard Benes – the Bohemian Pawn” Barnes Review Nov/Dec 2001 and “Mass Expulsions: Tragedy on a Prodigious Scale” Barnes Review Sept/Oct 2000.

  47. See the book by David Yallop “To the Ends of the Earth”

  48. See book, “Free to be Human - intellectual self-defence in an age of illusions” by David Edwards (Resurgence Books 1995) – pp24-31 “War crimes in the Gulf” - includes eye witness accounts of former U.S. Attorney General Ramsay Clark. This book is excellent for exposing the subtle ways in which the mainstream media manipulates the news and our world view.

  49. See Nexus April/May 1997 p14.

  50. The Spotlight 2/8/99 - “Ecological Mystery Solved: U.S. Did It”

  51. See “Life after Death” – article in the Big Issue Feb 26th. – March 4th. which reported on observations at Southampton hospital on patients experiencing near death experiences during major surgery. The Big Issue is the magazine sold on the streets to help homeless people.

  52. For a detailed investigation which throws some light on this difficult area, see “The Stargate Conspiracy” by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince (Warner Books 2000).

  53. The Stargate Conspiracy - Chapter 6 “the Secret Masters”.

  54. ditto –

  55. An excellent general account on craft freemasonry and how it permeates society is to be found in Martin Short’s book “Inside the Brotherhood” (Harper Collins 1993).

  56. See “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Jewish author Arthur Koestler, and also at www.khazaria.com

  57. Eyre & Spottiswoode 1967, Pelican Books 1970 and republished Serif 1996.

  58. See Deuteronomy, Chapter 11 verses 24 & 25.

  59. Pluto Press 1994 – it is a short clear and concise account which cannot be recommended too strongly. It is also accessible in full at http://abbc.com/islam/english/books/jewhis/jewhis1.htm

  60. See “A Spectre Haunting Jerusalem” Red Pepper - June 2002. Red Pepper is a monthly socialist magazine. Not one for seeing the bigger picture, but really excellent for details in particular areas e.g. the scam of so called new Labour, corporate power, private finance initiatives and more . Also good on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Available from 1b Waterlow Road London N19 5NJ www.redpepper.org.uk

  61. Whilst today no state including Israel makes such a distinction in its criminal law, it undoubtedly explains why in practice extremists in Israel are dealt with so leniently when apprehended for killing Arabs and Palestinians – e.g. 10 weeks in jail for killing a Palestinian in his shoe shop – see article mentioned in note 61 above.

  62. For a look at traditional mainstream Judaism, try www.torah.org a very extensive website set up by a Canadian Rabbi, Boruch Clinton, which includes a lot of easy to follow introductory material.

  63. More on this in Prof. Shahak’s “Jewish History Jewish Religion”

  64. See “ Zionist Ideology, non-Jews and the State of Israel” - report by Ur Shlonsky based on a talk given at Geneva University 10/6/02.

  65. The full text of the Protocols appears in Truth Campaign Nos. 16 &17 together with an additional well researched article, including good evidence that the Protocols may not be the fraud many writers have contended. The original article is amended slightly in Truth Campaign 23. The full text of the Protocols is also at www.vegan.swinternet.co.uk/truthcampaign.html

  66. Cohn reproduces short extracts from the Protocols to show the similarity between these and an earlier document published in 1865 in French entitled “Les Dialogues aux Enfers entre Machiavelli et Montesquieu” by Maurice Joly. He claims this is evidence that they are a fake, but overlooks the fact that Joly was an associate of one Jacob Venedy who in turn produced in 1850, very similar dialogues in a book entitled “Machiavelli Montesquieu et Rousseau”. Venedy was a Jew and a freemason. Details in Truth Campaign 16.

  67. Prof. Shahak’s “Jewish History Jewish Religion” provides interesting insights into the nature and role of Jews and Jewish communities in Europe from the 11th to 18th centuries.

  68. See “Coming Home” by Neri Livneh in the Israeli left wing newspaper Ha’aretz 19/7/02.

  69. Chapters 8and 9 of “The Holy Land of Scotland” (see note 46 above) provide an excellent well researched and more detailed summary of the power and influence of Zionism.

  70. See “The Four Agreements – a practical guide to personal freedom” a Toltec Wisdom Book by Miguel Ruiz.

  71. A very new book “Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy” by Andrew Collins & Chris Olgivy-Herald (Virgin 2002) explores the possibility that Moses was actually a renegade Egyptian priest who challenged the religious order of the day and was expelled along with his followers – the source of this information being papyrus scrolls found in Tutankhamun’s tomb when it was discovered in1922 and the existence of which has since been suppressed.

  72. This is explored in detail in the book “The Invention of Ancient Israel – the silencing of Palestinian history” by Prof. Keith Whitlam (Routledge 1996). The book shows how the history of the area has been manipulated to prove the existence of a dominant ancient Jewish state, upon which the modern state of Israel relies heavily to justify its existence and how biblical old testament stories are often not backed up by archaeological evidence.

  73. An advertisement was placed to this effect in the New York Times on 30/9/97 under the heading “The Torah true Jews have no part in the affair against the Swiss”. Reproduced in Truth Campaign 23.

  74. For more on the Neturei Karta see “The Unorthodox Orthodox” Observer 21/7/02. The Neturai Karta do not recognise the state of Israel and refer to it as Palestine. They and their forbears have lived in Palestine in small numbers, peacefully alongside Arabs for well over 100 years and in some cases much more - predating mass Jewish immigration and the setting up of the state of Israel. Today they inhabit the district of Jerusalem known as Mea Shearim, where facilities are basic because they refuse to pay city taxes to a government and administration that they do not recognise.

  75. See “Embassy Bombers identified as Israelis” The Spotlight 7/9/98. This article is concerned with the bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam in 1998 blamed on Osama bin Laden. It discusses the investigations of the intelligence agencies of 8 Arab and Islamic countries which pointed to the operation having been planned by Israel’s intelligence service the Mossad. As in the case of Sept 11th. public outrage against the alleged actions of Arab terrorists benefited the Israeli government policy by destroying growing public sympathy for the Palestinians.

  76. See “Some Survivors Say Bombs Exploded Inside WTC” American Free Press www.americanfreepress.net

  77. This is according to a BBC report in late September 2001 – it was reproduced in the war section at www.sheffieldmayday.ukf.net

  78. First exposed by Ranjit Devraj in the Asia Times 8/10/01.

  79. The article appears in “Global Outlook” No 2 Summer 2002 accessible at http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO206A.html

  80. See “Israelis spied on Al Qaida in America” Independent 6/3/02, and “Massive Spy Ring linked to Sept 11th ” and “Concerted Effort Under way to Hide Israeli Foreknowledge” American Free Press.

  81. See “Missing Pieces to the Amazing 911 Mystery Puzzle” Truth Seeker 15.

  82. Reported in the free newspaper Metro 20/12/00.

  83. For example “Tikkun – to mend repair and transform the world” www.tikkun.org based in San Francisco – also Jews for Justice for Palestinians, PO Box 37402, London N3 2XG, and Israel Shamir with many articles at www.israelshamir.net some of which appear in the Truth Seeker magazine – see details note 39 above.

In addition to the books magazines mentioned above, the following are recommended:

Prosperity – freedom from debt slavery” – monthly magazine examining and explaining all aspects and problems of the debt based money system, and the alternatives. Available from 268 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JR. www.prosperityuk.com

Morning Star - describing itself as the daily paper of the left - totally free from corporate advertising– offering a similar perspective to Red Pepper mentioned in note 53 above. Can be ordered through any good newsagent.

What Uncle Sam Really Wants”, “Secrets Lies and Democracy” and “The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many” - trilogy of short books by Prof. Noam Chomsky – available from Plough Publishing , Darvell Bruderhof, Robertsbridge, East Sussex, TN32 5DR. www.plough.com

Additional Web sites: Media Workers Against War www.mwaw.org Jeff Rense www.rense.com

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY AND CIRCULATE THIS ARTICLE - which is also available free on request via e-mail in electronic form


  1. MONEY & BANKS – THE HIDDEN TRUTH BEHIND GLOBAL DEBT - concise explanation of how banks create and control the money supply and how this is the underlying cause of poverty in the world and creates problems in almost every sphere of human endeavour. 8 pages.

  1. WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT… MONEY DEBT & BANKS – a longer version of the above with more detailed explanations, some history and more on the consequences. 20 pages.

  1. MONEY…. SOME SOLUTIONS - An introduction to the alternatives to the debt based money system including some historical examples. 4 pages.

  1. THE HIDDEN REALITY OF THIRD WORLD DEBT - putting 3rd world debt in the context of the debt based money system and showing how it could be cancelled almost at stroke with no real loss being incurred by anyone. 2 pages.


  1. THE EUROPEAN UNION – WHATEVER HAPPENED TO DEMOCRACY? – a summary of the institutions of the EU and their powers. 2 pages.

  1. THE EUROPEAN UNION – A TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE IN THE MAKING? - a summary of how increased surveillance and repressive legislation is eroding traditional freedoms in Europe. 2 pages.

  1. £ OR EURO - THE PROS AND CONS ….. 2 pages.

  1. OIL…. & ANGLO AMERICAN CONTROL OF THE GULF - a historical look at how the politics of oil has been ruthlessly exploited by Britain and the US throughout the last century, from the break up of the Turkish empire to the latest threats against Iraq. 2 pages.

  1. THE MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT – A PALESTINIAN PERSPECTIVE – a look at the continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians with the emphasis on a historical summary without which no real understanding is possible. 3 pages.

  1. THE ENERGY CRISIS – WHAT IS THE REAL SOLUTION? - an introduction to suppressed technologies such as cold nuclear fusion and zero point energy that could revolutionise energy production in ways that wind and solar power never could, with cheap pollution free supplies, ultimately marking the end of the electrical grid system and the use of fossil fuels. 8 pages.

  1. THE TEN COMMITMENTS - a visionary expanded and updated version of the ancient biblical Ten Commandments formulated by Rabbi Michael Lerner founder of the Tikkun community. These are for anyone committed to a working for a fairer more enlightened world free of materialism and exploitation. 2 pages


HARD COPIES AT 4p PER PAGE plus 19p postage for up to 10 pages, 33p for 10 to19 pages, 54p for 20 pages or more – PAYABLE IN CASH OR POSTAGE STAMPS, PREFERABLY MADE UP OF 1ST OR 2ND CLASS STAMPS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Can be ordered by reference to the number in the list.

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