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The loss of Judaism’s true message?

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The loss of Judaism’s true message?

To return to the possible source of all this, the book of Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the old testament. It was written around 600 BC - 1500 years or more after the events of which it purports to give an account. Could it be that the original message has been misunderstood, lost or perhaps deliberately perverted by the Judaic priesthood of the day – whose successors were the Scribes and Pharisees of whom Jesus was subsequently so critical? Could the freeing of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt and being led by Moses to the “promised land” be a symbolic account of the personal journey that every person can make from a state of ignorance/bondage to enlightenment? In other words “the promised land” was never a physical place, but rather a state of mind or “being”, which Buddhists call enlightenment, which Jesus called heaven, and which Hindus call Nirvana [70]. Anyone can choose to make this journey. Was this the real message of Moses to the Israelites? Further evidence that this might be the case is to be found in “The Holy Land of Scotland” by Barry Dunford (see note [46]). In Chapter 3 the author is at pains to explain that Hebrews, Israelites and Jews are quite different groups. The Israelites were a philosophical order with adherents from various tribes in the region. Israel originally did not denote a place name with allusions to a religion or race, rather it was a term (Is-Ra-El) based on the spiritual precept of the true nature and function of humanity itself – Is representing the soul, Ra the body and El the infinite spirit. It translates from the ancient Hebrew language as “soldier of God” or spiritual warrior. The true Israelites were those whose philosophy of life revolved around this spiritual precept, quite the opposite of present day Jewish extremists and the current Zionist leaders of the modern state of Israel [71]. When viewed objectively, archaeological evidence does not support the old testament biblical accounts of large scale Israelite immigration into Palestine or of any mass conquest by them [72].

If Judaism has been perverted by a minority, it is most certainly not alone in this - it is a feature of all religions to a greater or lesser extent. Repressive Islamic regimes run by religious fanatics exist in Iran and Saudi Arabia – the latter spawning the fanatical Taliban of Afghanistan. The Muslim Brotherhood founded in Egypt in the 1920s, has since spawned Hamas and similar groups who, given a chance, would destroy the state of Israel, drive out the Jews, and impose an Iranian or Saudi Arabian type of fundamentalist regime on the whole of Palestine – all in the name of Allah. Early Christians took the enlightened master/prophet Jesus and declared him to be the founder of their religion, and decided he was the son of God no less. The scriptures were subsequently written and adapted accordingly to back this up. Having done this, its adherents naturally saw it as a religion superior to all others – the only way to God and salvation – something which many evangelical Christians still passionately believe today. Its leaders and priests became enormously wealthy and powerful and for generations its emissaries set out to “convert the heathen” by whatever means they had at their disposal. In the process the killing, persecution and wars that have been carried out in the name of “gentle Jesus meek and mild” absolutely beggar belief, and at times Jews have certainly been on the receiving end. However there is a link between Christian fundamentalism and Jewish extremism. Whilst the Christian supporters of Israel are quite ignorant of the contempt in which parts of the Talmud hold them and their religion, there are fanatics in both camps who would see the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. As the site is presently occupied by the Dome of the Rock and the El Aksa mosque, which make up the third holiest site in Islam, these would have to be demolished first. Together with the return of the “chosen people” to the “promised land”, this is seen by Christian fundamentalists, as a precondition for the return of Christ, although what the Jews may not realise is that there is another condition that all Jews shall convert to Christianity. This type of Christian fundamentalism is widespread throughout the United States. John Pilger, writing in an article entitled “The Great Charade” which appeared in the New Statesman, points out that it is the Christian fundamentalist right wing that now dominates the Washington political elite. This has serious implications, because some Christian fanatics reckon Muslims represent the “anti-Christ”, and must therefore be destroyed in the “Battle of Armageddon”. It may explain why many Christian fundamentalists in the US are as ardent as any Jew, in their support of Zionism, Ariel Sharon and the state of Israel. It may also explain the kind of wild rhetoric about the “axis of evil” etc. that has become the hallmark of speeches by Bush and senior members of his administration.

However, in contrast, there are in parts of Europe and America and even in Israel itself, groups of orthodox Jews who describe themselves as “Torah True Jews”. They are the Neturei Karta. Their form of Judaism is very strict in terms of religious rules, ritual and observance, but at the same time it is benevolent and respectful towards others. No one draws a sharper distinction between Judaism and Zionism than the Neturei Karta - they are the Jewish world’s most outspoken critics of Zionism, and as a result they are ostracised by many of their fellow Jews. To them Zionism represents the spiritual death of Judaism – it is heresy and the arch enemy of true Jews. (That is certainly reflected in the Protocols with regard to the status and treatment of the “lesser brethren”). They point out that many Jewish organisations such as the World Jewish Congress are Zionist. They say also that true Jews are forsworn not to rebel against nations, to be loyal citizens and not to do anything against the will of any nation or its honour, or to insult, humiliate or dominate another people (thus illustrating the many positive ethical aspects of the Talmud which their men-folk spend many hours contemplating and studying). Whilst they believe in the traditional idea of the promised land, they believe Jews were expelled because they failed to observe God’s laws and to take it back by forcing out its Arab inhabitants is sacrilege. They believe Jews can live anywhere including Palestine and practice their religion, but that a Jewish state is not necessary [73].. They ask that the world does not judge Judaism on the basis of the Zionist aberration. They point out that it is Zionist propaganda that claims Arabs hate all Jews when the truth is that it is Zionism that the Arabs hate so much [74]. So let the last word in this controversial section come from Israel Shamir who writes in an article entitled “Galilee Flowers”: “To my Jewish brothers I say – the opinions of medieval Jews do not bind us. Every Jew can decide whether to pray for the destruction of the Gentiles or whether to share the blessing of the Holy Land with the villagers of Birim and Bethlehem. Within Jewish people, there were always spiritual descendants of the prophets who wished to bring peace and blessing to all the children of Adam. In you the prophecy will be fulfilled – ‘All nations of the earth will bless you.’”


No single act of terrorism in peace time matches the horror of what happened in New York and Washington on September 11th last year. In the end, at about 2800, the death toll was much less than had initially been feared. A detailed examination of what exactly happened and who might have really been responsible is beyond the scope of this broad based resume - suffice it to say that the idea that some guy with a beard and a turban, tucked away in a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan masterminded and organised the whole thing really isn’t very plausible. (Bin Laden has been described by the Spotlight newspaper “as heavy on rhetoric but light on action”. [75]) Also the fact that 4 aircraft were simultaneously hijacked in American air space together with the all the planning that would have gone into such a complex operation – could foreign terrorists really have pulled off such an extraordinary operation undetected and without assistance from within the US? Yet America’s security and intelligence services with all their contacts and resources to infiltrate, eavesdrop and monitor communications world wide, would have us believe they were completely taken by surprise. Could novice pilots who trained on light aircraft have had the skills needed to fly a high speed commercial airliner accurately into a target such as the twin towers? Was the impact close to the tops of the buildings enough to cause them to collapse neatly in on themselves an hour or so after impact? The collapse itself seemed just like a carefully controlled piece of demolition work in which explosives are laid at critical points in the structure to ensure that a building falls neatly in on itself to avoid damaging surrounding buildings [76]. The official version of events is full of flaws and inconsistencies and the “clues” such as a hire car found in the car park at Boston airport with a flight manual in Arabic and a copy of the Koran look like a deliberate “plant”.

When examining a terror attack it’s important to ask “who benefits?” This can be a very accurate indicator as to who was responsible. One thing is certain - the Islamic world has NOT benefited in any way at all – quite the opposite when one looks at what has happened to Afghanistan and what is happening in Palestine. The Arab world has been very much on the receiving end since Sept. 11th - even individual Muslims in Britain and the US have suffered hate and abuse. The event has provided the perfect excuse for an all out “war on terrorism”. However the war on terrorism is essentially a guise for what is, in reality, a fight for unlimited western hegemony and monopoly of the world’s riches and resources – a fight to destroy anyone and any state that might stand in the way of this objective. Even before September 11th , the Pentagon in Washington DC had published an extra-ordinary document, largely ignored by the media on 30/5/ 2000. It is called JOINT VISION 2020, and it indicates clearly the express intention of the US military to dominate the world. Here’s a relevant extract...
The ultimate goal of our military force is to accomplish the objectives directed by the National Command Authorities. For the joint force of the future, this goal will be achieved through full spectrum dominance - the ability of US forces, operating unilaterally or in combination with multinational and interagency partners, to defeat any adversary and control any situation across the full range of military operations.
The full range of operations includes maintaining a posture of strategic deterrence. It includes theater engagement and presence activities. It includes conflict involving employment of strategic forces and weapons of mass destruction, major theater wars, regional conflicts, and smaller-scale contingencies. It also includes those ambiguous situations residing between war and peace, such as peace-keeping and peace enforcement operations, as well as non-combat humanitarian relief operations and support to domestic authorities.
The label full spectrum dominance implies that US forces are able to conduct prompt, sustained, and synchronised operations of forces tailored to specific situations and with access to and freedom to operate in all domains - space, sea, land, air and information. Additionally, given the global nature of our interests and obligations, the United States must maintain its overseas presence forces and the ability to rapidly project power world-wide in order to achieve full spectrum dominance.

The war in Afghanistan is very much a part of “full spectrum dominance”. It was actually planned before Sept. 11th[77]. Having killed at least 5000 civilians to date and forced thousands more to flee their homes amid massive aerial bombardment, it has successfully removed the Taliban from power and installed an interim regime friendly towards US interests, which are basically about securing access to the surrounding region’s large untapped oil and mineral resources [78]. Osama bin Laden was never very likely to be caught, nor was that ever the real objective - no-one is even bothering about him now. Since Sept. 11th the Bush administration has expanded US military operations around the world. For the first time the US has what will very likely become permanent military bases in Central Asia. In addition to Afghanistan, so far US troops are deployed in the Philippines and the Republic of Georgia. Vice-president Cheney has announced "operations underway" in Bosnia and off the Horn of Africa and the US involvement in the Colombian civil war. And there is, of course, the "Axis of Evil" with North Korea, Iraq, and Iran, as well as Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Sudan, all lined up as potential future targets.

More people are realising that the world’s greatest rogue terrorist state is actually the United States. The role of the United Nations as a means of settling disputes peacefully has been caste into the dustbin of history for the time being. For the US elite, the end of the cold war and the break up of the Soviet Union has ensured there is no longer any significant opposition to its political aims and military might. The CIA funded and trained chief scapegoat for Sept 11th ,Osama bin Laden and others to fight the Russian presence in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

The other beneficiary has been the state of Israel. Just 8 days before the Sept. 11th attacks, Israel had been stunned to be branded a racist apartheid state by a large international conference of Non Governmental Organisations held in Durban, South Africa. The life style of Jewish settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories was compared to that of the whites under South Africa’s old apartheid regime. The Israeli delegation declared all this to be an incitement to the hatred of Jews and walked out, followed by delegates from the US. Of course since Sept. 11th. public opinion has swung dramatically against Arab countries with calls for the perpetrators to be hunted down and annihilated, although no one is coming up with any proof of who was actually responsible. At the same time, Israeli prime Minister Ariel Sharon has effectively been given carte blanche by the “international community” to pursue his own so called war on terrorism with a murderous all out assault on the Palestinian territories, designed to destroy Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority and re-occupy the whole area, as part of the long term expansionist Zionist aim of creating “eretz Yisrael” – greater Israel.

As far as the forwarding of the agenda of the New World Order generally is concerned, the Sept. 11th attacks have provided a massive impetus for the introduction of repressive measures and a mass of legislation seriously curtailing personal liberties and designed to curb political dissent across the western world. These plans were announced so soon after the attacks, that one must wonder if they were ready laid in advance. They masquerade as being designed to curb terrorism. Surveillance is to be increased. In the US, the Patriot Act, passed by Congress in the name of "homeland defence," expanded the government's freedom to tap phones, detain suspects, monitor internet communications and conduct secret searches, while at the same time reducing judicial oversight of such actions. Additionally, President Bush has passed an executive order to keep all presidential records since 1980 locked away, and Attorney Gen. Ashcroft has urged various federal agencies actively to resist Freedom of Information Act requests. Similar measures are being put into effect in Britain under the Anti Terrorism Crime and Security Act rushed through parliament late in 2001. Crucially, definitions of terrorism are being extended to cover activities way beyond anything that most people would regard as constituting terrorism. An EU proposal is that terrorism shall be “any act of intimidation by an individual or group with the intention of seriously altering … political economic or social structures”. This could cover almost any public order situation. Furthermore, smart cards and identity cards which will be encoded with a mass of personal information on the holder, are now under serious consideration in Britain and elsewhere where traditionally such things are regarded as contrary to established principles of personal freedom and democracy. A climate of fear and uncertainty has been deliberately generated in the aftermath of Sept. 11th. – we are repeatedly told there are states all over the world harbouring thousands of terrorists who could strike us at any time – we have been subjected to anthrax scares, although it was later established that the spores originated in an American laboratory – we are told that in Iraq, Saddam Hussein is building up more weapons of mass destruction etc etc. In such an enhanced climate of fear, people become very willing to give up yet more of their basic freedoms for so called “state protection” and the “fight against terrorism”. As H.L. Mencken once said “the whole aim of practical politics is to keep people alarmed and clamouring to be led to safety, by menacing them with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary..” The stories of the man on the plane with the exploding shoe and the dirty bomber accused of plotting to plant a crude nuclear device, should both be viewed with the greatest suspicion as falling within this category.

All this shows that, in reality, US policy makers are major beneficiaries. This being so, the next step is to enquire what role agencies within the US may have played in what happened on Sept. 11th. Contrary to common practice, no Arab or Islamic terrorists have claimed responsibility for this act of terrorism and Osama bin Laden has always denied it. Some investigators believe that the whole thing was masterminded in the US, whilst others believe that the actions of terrorists were facilitated by elements in the US establishment. For example, Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the centre for Reseach on Globalisation writing under the heading “Political Deception – the Missing Link behind 9-11[79] states that Al Qaeda is basically a CIA intelligence asset, developed in the in 80’s in the campaign to get the Russians out of Afghanistan, and that it is supported and financed by Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), which is in turn funded and backed by the CIA, for whom the ISI operates as a go-between – also that Al Qaeda has since been used to support covert US operations in the Balkans and the Caucasus. ISI chief General Mahmoud Ahmad and CIA boss George Tenet have a close working relationship and Tenet in turn has a close relationship with Bush, with daily oral briefings… . Others believe that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad played a role along with intelligence agencies within the US. What is known for certain now is that Israel was running a substantial intelligence operation in the US aimed at suspected Arab terrorists and that following Sept 11th some 60 Israeli Jews in the US were taken into custody for questioning. Exactly what these people knew and were doing in the US, remains classified, but it is believed their intelligence gathering operations gave Israel foreknowledge of what was to happen. However Andreas Bulow, who oversaw all branches of German intelligence from 1969 to 1994, apparently believes Mossad itself perpetrated the attacks, which ties in with some people’s belief that Israel’s intelligence operatives in the US may have actually worked with Arab terrorists in planning the attacks [80]. Another theory is that there were no suicide pilots. It was reported there is a new technology that currently exists called 'Global Hawk'. This technology was referred to by President Bush immediately following Sept. 11th when he said that in the future, cockpit doors must be strengthened, and further that a new technology must be developed whereby a pilot on the ground can take over the controls of a hijacked aircraft and fly and land the plane. Bush was referring to this technology being developed sometime in the future but he would have known that this technology has been under development for many years and exists now. In April 2001, a pilot-less plane flew from the US to Australia and back to the US. Boeing has under development a pilot-less fighter plane, whose final test was set for December 2001. This indicates that the "Global Hawk" pilot-less plane technology that Bush talked about already exists and in theory it could have been used in the Sept. 11th events [81]. There are conflicting elements in these various scenarios, but clearly it was a highly complex operation that was possibly years in the planning – we are still far from knowing what really lay behind those terrible events of September 11th.
FINAL OBSERVATIONS.. and reasons for optimism..

Since the start of the industrial revolution, we have moved towards what is now a global obsession with economic growth and production as virtually the sole measure of human activity. Economic growth is basically taking more, making more, consuming more, chucking more away, and trashing the planet, its life support systems and almost every other living thing in the process, with a whole host of things, many of which have built in obsolescence or are designed not to last, or we don’t really need at all - and doing this faster and faster every year.

The present accelerating process of globalisation is supported and promoted by most people in positions of power - some will believe that it is for the best, that they know best, no doubt in some cases regarding the rest of us too ignorant and stupid to be consulted, so they decide everything for us behind closed doors. Others will be essentially self interested, greedy and dishonest with no scruples, wanting as much as possible for themselves with no concern for anyone else. Others, immersed in luxurious lifestyles, are so out of touch with the lives and living conditions of the vast majority of people, that they are simply incapable of seeing that the policies that are being pursued can only benefit (assuming one regards a life based on wealth and power as beneficial) a small elite, and only then in the short term. Then finally there will be those who wish to pursue power and control on a global scale - and, for the first time in history, the conditions and technology exist for this to be done. They are perhaps the most dangerous and the most secretive and possibly quite capable of manipulating many of the others. There may be no limits to the depths of depravity that some of them will stoop in pursuit of their goals – as investigative reporter Sherman Sholnick points out: “Bred into them from birth is this mindset for power and enrichment little understood by generally good hearted ordinary people who would never instigate a bloody war for profit…” All this can be very difficult to see, as we are invariably given the impression by the media that all our leaders are generally (if incompetently) seeking to create a better world for us all, and if it doesn’t work out, well that’s just the way things are. But remember - nothing happens by accident in politics… The secretive organisations mentioned here have hierarchies, inner sanctums or steering groups, which suggests that only a select few are privy to the true aims of the organisation - rather like a company or corporation, where only the board of directors are aware of full company policy - below that, everyone is told only what they need to know in order to fulfil their particular function.

Today, the top banking brains are designing the money of the future. For banks, notes and coins are now regarded as expensive and inconvenient in terms of the facilities that have to be provided to deal with them. Furthermore, they represent a source of money, albeit small nowadays, that is outside their control, which can still cause a “run on the banks” if too many people try to withdraw their deposits at once. A cashless society is therefore a very attractive option. One system is to provide “electronic” money loaded into a microchip embedded in a plastic card (report in “the Times” Jan. ‘95). This has been on trial in some areas in this country with what is known as the Mondex card. It could be promoted as the perfect way to avoid credit card fraud, theft or loss of money, tax evasion, social security fiddles etc. etc. Of course everyone would have to have some form of bank account, but what if you are hard up and have no credit? Could it ever happen that for other reasons, the machines could be programmed not to accept your card? For example, the authorities don’t like your politics, or you are an environmental activist to whom the establishment takes a dislike. You are then left with no means to purchase anything.... Singapore is the first state to declare publicly that it intends to phase out cash, to be replaced by e-money alone – the target date for this is 2008 [82]. Thereafter, in order to avoid theft of cards etc. the microchip including, obviously, a personal number, could be embedded under the skin of the individual... fantasy? Apparently not - Peter Cochrane, head of Advanced Applications and Technology at British Telecom writing in the Daily Telegraph 28/1/97 under the title “I’ve Got Me Under My Skin..” said how convenient and efficient it would be for us all, not having to carry all that cash, credit cards and passport etc. But here is an intriguing quotation from the Bible (New International Version), the book of Revelation (a prophetic book whose writings date from nearly 2000 years ago), chapter 13 verses 16-18:

And he the beast causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no-one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.....”

Decide for yourself whether you can trust the current process of globalisation and the powers behind it, and whether or not they are the manifestation of the biblical “beast” of the Book of Revelations - but whatever you decide, prophecies should never be seen as having to come true. Regard them instead as worst case scenario projections designed to get people to wake up and change their ways, in order to avoid the prophecy coming true.

And that is where you and I come into it. This hasn’t been written to frighten people – fear is the last thing we need. It is fear of not being in control, or being short of something they think they need, that drives a minority to seek to control the world, its resources and everyone in it.

This is meant to be a wake up call…. If we want change for the better, we need to understand first what we have to deal with, and secondly that real change will not come from the top down, but rather from the bottom up – we have to change by accepting responsibility and taking control over our own lives, which increasing numbers are starting to do. For too long people have stood back and said “let them sort it out - they should do something....” However, if you sit back and let other people take control, odds on they will run the show for what they perceive to be their benefit… not yours or humanity’s as a whole. The present emerging global centralisation of power made possible by technological advances, is the logical outcome of all those power struggles based on manipulation and greed that have gone on at every level of human society for hundreds of years. We all share responsibility for this – the world and its condition are no more than a reflection of the total combined thoughts, awareness and behaviour of everyone who lives on the planet. The world only changes when enough people decide that they are not satisfied with it and do something. If the world is not changing, then this indicates that most of us are basically satisfied with it – we accept a world in which differences rather than similarities are honoured, and disagreements are settled by violence, conflict and war – indeed as individuals many of us resort to anything from verbal abuse to coming to blows to settle personal differences. We accept a world in which might is right, survival is for the fittest, competition prevails over co-operation and winning is regarded as the ultimate achievement. If the system produces losers that’s tough… so long as you aren’t one of them. It is a model in which people can be killed, imprisoned or tortured if they are judged to be “wrong”, starved and made homeless if they are “losers”, oppressed and exploited if they are not strong. How many of us insist something is “wrong” basically because it’s different from our own world view? Social, cultural, economic and especially religious differences are simply not acceptable. There are those who exploit the least well off and then congratulate themselves on how much better off their victims are than before they were exploited – they don’t really ever consider the issue of how people as a whole ought to be treated. Instead they settle happily for making a horrible situation a little bit better, delighted with the profits that go with it. Most of us ridicule the idea of any other system replacing the present one, reckoning that this is the natural way for humans to behave – anything else would quash the inner spirit that drives people to succeed, although in what, we don’t make clear. Humans are predatory creatures that compete and kill – it’s what makes civilisations great! So many of us really don’t care that much about the suffering of the masses, the oppression of minorities or the survival needs of anyone but ourselves and our immediate families – or if we do, we don’t yet care quite enough to actually do anything. In London, thousands will gather to demand the “right” to continue fox hunting, but less than 500 will gather to demand the lifting of economic sanctions against Iraq. Even now, most of us still don’t see that we are destroying the very planet that gives us life because so many of our actions seek only to enhance what we perceive to be our own quality of life – we are not sufficiently far sighted to appreciate that short term gains can mean serious long term losses. Finally, because otherwise we would actually find the reality of it all very difficult to live with, we have a status quo that denies that this is what is happening in the first place.

It can be very difficult for more caring and enlightened people to understand that most people on planet earth believe in or at least accept this philosophy. Some of us may see ourselves now as decent people doing the best we can for our fellow humans and planet earth, but this has not always been so – especially if we accept we have lived before. We have evolved through experience and learning to where we are now – we may not be part of the current global mindset now, but in previous incarnations we certainly would have been, gladly going along with it and promoting the status quo, and more - perhaps you and I were control freaks as well. At the very least, we have allowed ourselves to be pushed about like a flock of sheep. And who can say honestly that they have never been greedy or taken part in a bit of selfish manipulation at work or amongst family and friends? What happens in the highest echelons of power is only a reflection of what happens in the lives of people as a whole – the only difference is that the effects of greed, secrecy and manipulation at the highest levels are rather more far reaching.

Every one of us keeps secrets of one sort or another. Money is a wonderful example – if we have money, very few of us are totally open about what we’ve got – our bank account is strictly confidential. How open and truthful are we in our dealings and relationships with each other? How often do we say one thing, whilst thinking and eventually doing something quite different? How many people can say, hand on heart, that they have never kept secrets from spouse, partner, family or friends, or at some point indulged in a little behind the scenes scheming in the work place or in a club or society for some sort of personal gain? How then can we blame the Bilderbergers or anyone else for the problems of the world? Essentially what they do is only a reflection of what most of us do in our daily lives – hatch plans in secret for their own benefit. The problem therefore should not be externalised by shifting all the blame on others. It is no use screaming, shouting and hurling abuse at bankers, corporate bosses and politicians etc. We must understand that it is because of how we think and behave that we make it possible for shadowy elites, secretly to manipulate the world for their own ends. We should start by putting our own house in order – that is what will begin to break the pattern. This is where a major step forward in the evolution of humanity begins. For meaningful changes to take place, there must be a social, economic, ecological, scientific and above all a spiritual revolution on a scale greater than anything that has been seen in human history. It will be new uncharted territory. It cannot be imposed from above by politicians, economists, bankers, priests, P R firms, gurus, scientists or anyone else. Rather it can only begin in the hearts and minds of individuals, who look around and see what we have all helped to bring into existence - a power structure that says “keep them in debt, keep them busy working their backsides off, keep them distracted with sport, sex and trivial entertainment, feed them misleading one sided half-stories that pass for news, get them to believe that they are no more than their physical bodies with oblivion after death, or leave them with religions with absurd explanations of life and death that fewer and fewer of them will accept, tell them the way to happiness is to go after possessing more and more superfluous junk and to consume, consume, consume…. but above all don’t give them a chance to think, because if they get that chance, they might just see things for what they are and say enough is enough...!”
The good news is that in spite of the above, there are many signs that the world is changing - the old edifice is starting to fall apart. Our rulers are getting frightened, and the increase in repressive legislation, surveillance and bugging is their desperate attempt to prop it up. The World Bank, the IMF, the World Trade Organisation, the G8, EU summits and now even the World Economic Forum – none can have a meeting without a massive reception committee of protesters from many walks of life. Every nation state in the European Union has a growing protest movement – the Danes said no to the Euro in a referendum, not for economic reasons, but because they saw it as further centralised political control. And they did this in the face of a massive government, media and big business campaign to get them to say yes. Although the BBC and ITN still display appalling bias in favour of the EU, seemingly doing everything possible to conceal the real issues, this is no longer the case with some newspapers, especially local papers. In London in October 2000, 10,000 people gathered from right across the political spectrum to protest at the surrender of the British right of self government to unelected and unaccountable EU institutions. Never before had the editor of the socialist Morning Star newspaper shared a platform with a Tory right winger namely John Redwood – others included the leader of the Green Party and retired ex Labour cabinet minister Lord Peter Shore. Jubilee 2000 has run a magnificent campaign highlighting Third World Debt with a truly amazing depth of support from dozens of campaign groups and charitable organisations.

It is said that the horrendous events of September 11th have changed the world. This is true. On the one hand they have given a massive boost to the “New World Order” agenda, and on the face of it, in the short term, things look very bleak indeed. On the other hand they have been responsible for an unprecedented increase in people’s awareness. It may not even matter that most people do not question the official story that Arab terrorists were solely responsible for the Sept 11th events, because it has made people, including Americans ask WHY is America so hated that people would do such a thing. They call into question the whole way in which the military industrial complex of the western world exploits the rest. A very substantial peace movement grew up within days of America commencing bombing Afghanistan – a London demonstration on 18/11/01, attracted as many as 100,000 people. In the US some of those who lost loved ones on Sept 11th are in the forefront of opposition to the war against Afghanistan. It’s almost like everything that is now taking place is a last final desperate bid by the elite to retain control before the whole thing collapses around them. The dirty war being waged by Israeli armed forces in the occupied Palestinian territories, in which women and children are killed and the economic and social infrastructure of the Palestinian people is being destroyed, is now receiving widespread condemnation from world Jewry both inside and outside Israel. Some Israeli men and women are refusing to serve in the Israeli army and groups of Jews are forming in many places demanding justice for Palestinians [83]. At the same time there is a body of Palestinian opinion that utterly rejects the horrors of violence and suicide attacks by their own side as a means of opposing Israel’s occupation.

A little while back, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) attempted to negotiate the Multi-lateral Agreement on Investment, designed to eliminate any restrictions that a national government might wish to impose on foreign investment, so that TNC’s can move their capital in and out at will regardless of the consequences for local people. Mass protests and lobbying organised largely by the World Development Movement successfully scuppered the scheme, and plans to attempt to bring in similar provisions via new WTO regulations failed at the WTO summit in Seattle in December 1999.

Although not yet in the public eye, there is a significant and growing movement for monetary reform – to remove from the banks the power to create our money supply for profit and to transfer it to accountable state institutions. Regular meetings and discussions are taking place in the House of Lords, and several prominent MPs have taken the message on board and an Early Day Motion has been put down for MPs to sign. Books are appearing on the subject, and more campaign groups such as the New Economics Forum are joining the call.

The campaign against the dangers of genetically modified crops has been extraordinarily successful - the mass circulation Daily Mail newspaper has played no small part in this – now major supermarkets are deciding not to sell food incorporating GMO’s. The crops themselves have been torn up and those responsible have been found not guilty by juries who regarded the action as justified.

Since 1945 wars between nation states, the hallmark of the previous two thousand years or more, have become rare. Travel and modern communications have helped enormously to develop a much greater understanding between different peoples and races. In many places minorities and their cultures receive much greater tolerance. Indeed most conflicts in the world since 1945 have been about people or minorities trying to enforce their rights in states still retaining repressive totalitarian regimes – those who are creating the EU should take particular note of this.

The unprecedented scale of horrors of the 20th. century were made possible through the misuse of new technologies - atom bombs, blitzkrieg, land mines, depleted uranium weapons, chemical weapons etc. Despite this we have in so many ways become more caring and compassionate. Welfare services have been developed that were totally unknown before. There are innumerable charities trying to help out in almost every sphere of human activity. The environmental movement is enormous now, and it is not just a case of campaigning for better treatment of people and the planet, but also better treatment for animals. The demand for organically produced food is at an all time high and continues to grow rapidly.

There is actually a great deal to feel encouraged about, but certainly no room for complacency. We ignore the secretive elements that operate behind governments at our peril. Those people who believe that the only way to avoid future wars is to have some sort of highly centralised global government or centralised European Union, should be aware as to who will be in charge as things stand. Bankers, trans-national corporations and other dubious forces behind governments - security services, military and others, already mentioned. We need organisations such as the United Nations which must have an effective role to play to help promote peace and settle disputes between nations. We need a world trade organisation, but with a different agenda to promote fair and sustainable trade, by balancing free trade with the need to protect home markets and local economies. A European forum is highly desirable, but a centralised totalitarian European state is not. We need banks to look after depositors’ money and make loans, but not in a way that gives them the power to create the money supply for private profit. We just need a change of agenda all round…. And at the heart of it is a change from self interest to common interest – where competition begins to be replaced by co-operation.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful concerned individuals can precipitate change in the world… indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

And even if you think that you can’t change the world yourself, you can most certainly help spread the message that can. Join an organisation – environmental organisations such as Greenpeace are well known, but many others operate in different fields and a few are listed below. Frequently these organisations do not yet see the bigger picture, but with your help that can change – the grassroots membership is often very amenable to new ideas even if the leadership isn’t. Be aware that in some cases this might be because the leadership has been infiltrated. Or in other cases that they may feel gagged to a certain extent, because they fear losing a particular source of funding. For example Jubilee 2000 and World Development Movement although recognising 3rd. world debt haven’t yet addressed the debt based money system, but the New Economics Foundation has. If you decide to join a group promoting monetary reform, or opposing the European Union, be ready to work alongside people with a wide variety of religious and political beliefs and different outlooks on life, some undoubtedly very different to your own. Coming together in a common cause and concentrating on what unites us, rather than what we might disagree about, is a very worthwhile exercise in its own right and is a wonderful way of exchanging ideas and passing on information. Consider writing letters to media people, MPs and especially local newspapers – these often have a great deal more editorial freedom than national newspapers. Information is power – media people and MPs are mostly just ordinary folk who have little or no understanding of the powers that pull the strings of governments and politicians. Many if not most of them no more want to see global tyranny any more than you do, though fear of losing their position if they fail to tow the establishment line may be uppermost in the minds of many. Get on phone ins if possible.

For anyone who is interested and wants to know more, I have information sheets and articles listed after the footnotes which accompany this article. Feel free to get in touch with me at the address below.….

Richard Greaves – “The Old Stables”, Cusop, Herefordshire HR3 5RQ E-mail rgreaves@supanet.com

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