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Where We’re At
To date we have covered three aspects of ‘The Contact Period Pre 1840’. The first of these is economic contact through sealing, whaling and trading. One of the consequences that arose out of economic contact was our second aspect of social contact. Arguably a flow on consequence of economic and social contact is our third aspect of contact through conflict. A way to prove this is to show that all three overlapped, for example in 1809 sealing was still at its peak, Pakeha-Maori were in existence, and the burning of The Boyd occurred.
There is also one similarity that exists through this timeframe covering these three aspects. Not once were Europeans here to change Maori. Sealers, whalers and traders were here for the economic gain, Pakeha-Maori existed in converting to Maori life for reasons of escaping punishment elsewhere or for something to do in the whaling offseason, and conflict happened through misunderstandings in economic and social contact.
This is now about to change. The conflict section we have looked at shows the increasing call for British interference in New Zealand in order to bring some control and civility to the land. This call was made due to the increasing perception of New Zealand as a ‘Frontier of Chaos’. The Church Missionary Society (CMS) in particular were vocal in this aspect and thus begun a swing in Britain’s relationship with New Zealand from non-intervention towards active intervention and trying to change Maori. In particular the CMS groups will start to arrive in New Zealand and try to convert Maori to religion. How Maori react to this will shape the path New Zealand embarks on from here.

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