Where water wells up from the earth: excavations at the findspot of the Late Bronze Age Broadward hoard, Shropshire

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Fieldwork in 2010

The new project had two distinct foci: the likely findspot of the hoard and its surroundings; and a nearby earthwork enclosure. The work was directed by David Mullin, Jodie Lewis and Richard Bradley.

Excavations around the findspot of the hoard

Trench 1 focused on the area of the location of the hoard shown on the first edition Ordnance Survey map. The excavation was subsequently extended to the south and west, using a mini-digger with a toothless bucket. Rocke and Barnwell stated that the bronzes were found at the extreme edge of swampy ground where there was an abrupt rise in the ground.33 For that reason the trench encompassed the higher, dryer land to the north and east and the low-lying boggy grassland to the south and west. Selected areas within this trench were selected for deeper excavation (figs 5 and 6). The individual contexts are discussed in greater detail in the project archive.

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