When Students Turn to Terror: Terrorist and Extremist Activity on British Campuses

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Professor Anthony Glees is Director of the Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies (BCISS) at Brunel University.  He is one of the founding figures of the academic study of intelligence and security issues in the UK.  His books on intelligence include: (with Philip H. J. Davies & John N. L. Morrison) The Open Side of Secrecy: Ten Years of Britain’s Intelligence and Security Committee (London: Social Affairs Unit, forthcoming); (with Philip H. J. Davies) Spinning The Spies: Intelligence, Open Government and the Hutton Inquiry (London: Social Affairs Unit, 2004); The Stasi Files: East Germany's Secret Operations Against Britain (London: Free Press, 2003); and The Secrets of the Service: British Intelligence and Communist Subversion 1939-51 (London: Jonathan Cape, 1987).  Professor Glees’ current research is focussed on the study of intelligence and security matters on a national and European level.
Chris Pope is a former journalist, spending eight years working in the aerospace and defence sectors. He reported from Iraq during the 2003 war. He has recently completed a Masters Degree in Intelligence and Security Studies at Brunel University. He is the newly appointed editor of the Royal United Services Institute’s Monitor journal, which examines the areas of security and resilience.

1 See, for example, the Report of the Intelligence and Security Committee for 1997-8, para 47, at www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/publications/reports/intelligence/Intelligence.pdf

See Panorama BBC TV 21 August 2005 and http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4681857.stm

2 Our report is based on open sources as well as on the record discussions, interviews and meetings with security and intelligence officers, held under Chatham House rules.

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7 It was left to an interviewee of the BBC, Michael Fabricant MP, the Member of Parliament for the farmers, to describe the ALF cell as ‘terrorists’ although the BBC did state that a judge trying some members of this cell had himself called them “terrorists”.

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13 The comment was made by Patrick Mercer MP, an Opposition Front Bench spokesman

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15 At a meeting of Policy Exchange , London,14 March 2005

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18 Confidential information from a London school teacher 25 July 2005

19 On the record but anonymous interview with officers from the Metropolitan Police and Special Branch, Central London, 25 February 2005

20 See The Washington Post 20 August 2005

21 It was not, he said, about whether ‘intercept evidence’ was safe to use because the information identifying sources of danger came from individuals not from phone taps (a point apparently contradicted by a former Director General of MI5, Sir Stephen Lander, on the Today Programme who did appear to think that intercept evidence lay at the heart of the issue, the use of which he now opposed).

David Bickford, a former legal adviser to MI5, the Security Service, and MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, believes the ongoing objections to the use of such evidence ‘defy logic’ in the current climate. “The intelligence community abroad looks aghast at our position restricting the use of phone intercepts as evidence. It can’t understand it. I find it difficult to find any logical explanation. It just flows from an obsession in certain circles that we have to keep everything secret simply for the sake of secrecy.”

22 e.g. Professor Connor Gairty’s arguments put before an invited audience at RUSI at a pilot BBC Radio Four programme on 30 June 2005

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28 See The Butler Review into Weapons of Mass Destruction, 2004 pp 17-20. Interestingly, it has been suggested that the AQ Khan network was identified as the result of careful investigation by MI5 who noticed a number of students from Pakistan attending various universities where nuclear matters were taught. Whilst each individual student seemed to be engaged on quite harmless studies, when the group was analysed as a whole, it was found to have significant understanding of uranium enrichment techniques and weapons systems. Confidential information, June 2005.

29 Confidential information, July 2005. The University is situated in the London area.

30 On the record but non-attributable meeting, Central London 25 February 2005

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39 This refers to the famous scene in the film Star Wars where the lead characters enter a bar to be confronted by a myriad of different alien species, all with different skills, motives and services.

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