What was unique about the relationship between the us government and the Lakota people

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Crazy Horse DVD Notes

  1. What was unique about the relationship between the US Government and the Lakota people?

  1. Why was Crazy Horse pursued by the US Government?

  1. Why are there no writings or photos of Crazy Horse? Why are the early writings about him Bias?

  1. Who are the Sioux and where was the Lakota’s Territory?

  1. Who were the enemies of the Lakota?

  1. How did the “white mans” settlement impact the Lakota?

  1. What was the first open rupture between the Sioux and the “white” settlers? What was the result of this conflict? How did the Government react to the conflict?

  1. What is a Vision Quest? What did Crazy Horse see in his Vision Quest?

  1. What happened at the Creek at Blue Water? How did this impact Crazy Horse?

  1. What was the Bozeman Trail? Why did the US Government build forts along the trail? How did the Lakota react?

  2. How did Crazy Horse trick US Soldiers to fight? How did this impact Red Clouds War? What happened to Crazy Horse?

  1. What is a “Shirt Wearer”, and what was their responsibility?

  1. Who was Black Buffalo Women, and how did she cause conflict for Crazy Horse?

  1. What was the Treaty of 1868? What happened to the treaty after the discovery of gold in the Black Hills? How did this cause a War with the Indians?

  1. Who was General George Armstrong Custard? And what happened at Little Big Horn? Why was this significant? What reaction did the US Army have this battle?

  1. Why did Indians “ride” with Crazy Horse into battle?

  1. How did Crazy Horse realize he was losing the war? Why did he surrender to the military? What was the army’s reaction, what did General Crook try to get Crazy Horse to do?

  1. How did Frank Gerard impact relations between Crazy Horse and the Army?

  1. How and why was Crazy Horse Killed?

  1. What was Crazy Horse’s symbol to the Lakota people? Why he killed?

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