What was the population of Britain in Georgian times?

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Georgian Britain

Revision questions

  1. What was the population of Britain in Georgian times?

The population, although increasing was still very small compared with Britain today. Around 5 ½ million people lived in England, 1 ½ million in Scotland and just ½ million in Wales.

  1. What percentage of people could vote?

Only 5% of the people could vote and women had no say in who governed the country at all.

  1. Why was the eighteenth century popularly known as the Georgian Age?

The country was ruled by four George in sucession.

  1. What was George III’s nickname?

‘Farmer George’ – he was so interested in farming he created a small farm in the grounds of Windsor Castle

  1. What was the average life expectancy of people in Georgian England?

About 30 years of age

  1. How many babies died before their first birthday?

About 15 in every 100

  1. How many mothers died in childbirth?

About 1 in 5

  1. Name 2 problems with travelling by road in England?

Poor quality of roads & highwaymen

  1. What percentage of people worked on the land?

About 80%

  1. List some of the countries that were part of the British Empire at this time?

Canada, West Indies and India

  1. List 2 common diseases from the time

Typhoid, TB, cholera and smallpox

  1. List the dates of the first three Georges

1714-27; 1727-1760; 1760-1820

  1. What was George III’s favourite catchphrase?

Either ‘Peacock’ or ‘What, what, what?’

  1. Who was the last British king to lead an army into battle?

George II

  1. Who invented the first vaccine for smallpox?

Edward Jenner

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