What was life in the trenches like? Video Notes Staff Answers Trench Routine

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What was life in the trenches like? Video Notes

Staff Answers
Trench Routine

  1. What was a major problem with daily routine for soldiers?

Tedious, dull and time spent resting

  1. What type of things did soldiers do on a daily basis in the trenches?

Repair trenches, empty latrines and Stand To at dawn and Stand To at Dusk (preparing for attack)

  1. How heavy was soldier’s kit? His boots?

60lbs and boots are 5lbs each

  1. When was soldier’s tin helmet introduced?

1916 introduced, replaced the cloth cap, the tin helmet was called the ‘Brodie’
Feeding an army

  1. What type of food did a soldier eat?

Bully Beef,bread, biscuits, ration of bacon and other meats behind the lines

  1. How did an officer’s food compare?

Better quality, fish vegetables and chocolate


  1. What was trench foot?

Result of standing in water /mud for long periods of time, flesh would rot.

  1. Why were lice a problem in the trenches? How did they deal with them?

Infect uniforms, itchy uncomfortable feeling. They would use a lighter and run them down the seams to kill the eggs or they would be put into a steam oven to kill them.

  1. Why were rats a problem and how did soldiers deal with them?

Spread disease among the soldiers, the rats would feed of the flash of dead bodies; rats would run across the faces of men while they slept. The soldiers dealt with them buy bayoneting them.

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