What Should I know For Module 7? 00: The World at War and the Fires Between- introduction

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What Should I Know For Module 7?

7.00: The World at War and the Fires Between- Introduction

After completing the Module 7 Pre-Test, please open the Pre-test and look over the questions you missed. It is a great idea to write down all of the questions you missed so that you’re sure to add this information to your notes.

7.01: Allies and Enemies - World War I

-What are the main causes of WWI? Be sure to include an example to represent each cause.






The Triple Alliance (Axis Powers)

The Triple Entente (Allied Powers)

-What does mobilization mean?

-Where are the Balkans?

-What was the Schlieffen Plan?

-How did WWI go from a war between two nations to a World War?

7.02: Modern Warfare and Its Legacy

-What is “total war?”

-What were some of the new weapons that were introduced during WWI?

-What were the conditions like for the soldiers fighting in the trenches of WWI?

-How Were the Western and Eastern Fronts Different?

-What happened to Russia as a result of WWI?

-What was going in the US during the first 3 years of WWI?

-What were the immediate effects of WWI?

Treaty of Versailles:

League of Nations:

Aspects of Modern Culture:

7.03: Between the Fires

-What were the delayed effects of WWI?

Global Depression:

Authoritarian Governments:

-How did the economic depression impact the following areas?


United States:

-Describe how the following leaders came to power:

Benito Mussolini:

Adolf Hitler:

Francisco Franco:

Vladimir Lenin:

Joseph Stalin:

7.04: The Spark and Fire

-How did the effects of WWI lead to the causes of WWII?

-What happened at the Munich Conference?

-How did the US support the Allied forces during the first two years of WWII?

-Why did the US enter WWII?

-Describe the political and military strategies Germany implemented during WWII:


Non-Aggression Pact:

-Describe the following major events that occurred during WWII:

Invasion of Poland:

Battle of Britain:

Operation Barbarossa and Battle of Stalingrad:

Pearl Harbor:

Battle of Midway:

Battle of El Alamein:

D-Day (Normandy) Invasion:

Yalta Conference:

-What does the phrase “island hopping” refer to?

7.05: Dropping the Atomic Bomb

-What was the Potsdam Declaration?

-What was the Manhattan Project?

-Why did President Truman decide to drop the atomic bombs on Japan instead of invading Japan?

-What were some of the effects of the atomic bomb blasts?

-What are nuclear non-proliferation treaties?

7.06: Genocide

-What is anti-Semitism?

-What was the Holocaust?

-Why did the Holocaust begin?

-What were some of the events that occurred during the Holocaust?

-What was Hitler’s “Final Solution?”

-How did the Holocaust finally end?

-Briefly describe the genocide in each of the following areas:







Darfur Region of Sudan:

7.07: Impact of World War II

-What was the Marshall Plan?

-What two organizations were created because of WWII?

-How was the world divided after WWII?

-How did WWII help lead to the Cold War?

-Why was the United Nations (UN) created?

-What were the Nuremberg Trials?

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