What lafmc does and who does it for family law clients

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General Intake Offices (West Side, Northwest, Southside, Central – in Chicago,

Harvey, Evanston and West side - for suburban* Cook County clients)

  1. Emergencies, such as Orders of Protection

  1. Divorces stemming from Orders of Protection obtained by that neighborhood office

  1. Contested divorces if there is a custody issue and conforms to guidelines for accepting client for representation in a custody case.

  1. Other custody/visitation cases (unmarried parents, grandparents) which otherwise conform with priorities.

*representation in suburbs is limited to families where domestic violence and custody are issues.

Family Law Project (located at 111 W. Jackson, Chicago)
Dissolution, including custody and financial issues which conform to priorities for Cook County residents (property over $25,000, maintenance, representation to prevent homelessness).
Post decree issues involving custody, enforcement of visitation, removing children to another state and significant property issues to conform with priorities.
Project SAFE (located at 111 W. Jackson, Chicago)
Divorce and orders of protection for survivors of domestic violence (for married couples who live in Chicago) Client must ask for Project SAFE when they call.
Project SAFE also refers clients to counseling, shelters, and assists in other non-legal matters as well as doing community education on domestic violence.
Hull House and VOCA project
Represent clients receiving DV services at Hull House. Obtain and/or extend OP's and defend against OP's for victims of domestic violence.
Pro Se Divorce Clinic (located at 111 W. Jackson, Chicago).
To begin September, 2004
Simple divorces expected to be uncontested or involving no complicated issues. Clients take a class to instruct them on how to file for divorce and proceed to prove-up. Clients receive guidance throughout the process. Classes will be taught by LAF staff and private attorneys
This service is available to clients in Chicago and in suburban Cook County.
LAF General Intake number is (312) 341-1070.

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