What is oppression? What does it mean to be oppressed?

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Oppression is a satanic spiritual power which opposes and put in slavery the human race. The power of oppression does not care about your religion, skin color, age, nationality, background, sex, beliefs, physics, financial condition, position in life and whether you believe in oppression or not.

What is oppression? What does it mean to be oppressed?

  • Oppression is an evil power or a negative energy that opposes one’s will and life.

  • Oppression is an evil power that makes you captive to your enemies.

  • Oppression is design to make you captive, captivity is a state of life which makes everything negative.

  • Oppression is when you are a captive and denied freedom to move at will.

  • When you are oppressed your movements in life and choices are restricted.

  • When a person is under oppression peace is none existent and his potential is denied.

  • Oppression is when one’s captivity started since in the womb.

  • Oppression is the foundation for difficulties, hardships, sufferings, frustrations, stubborn bondages.

  • Oppression is a dark force of evil power cruelly exercising dominance over a person.

  • Oppression is to be under a hard yoke and a heavy burden.

  • Oppression is a wicked demonic force sitting on someone and constantly harassing him.

  • Oppression is a satanic spirit who forces its way on its victims without mercy.

  • Oppression is a recon (reconnaissance) satanic force or army leading the way to other evil spirit to follow.

  • Oppression is a demon assign by Lucifer to trap and cage a victim.

  • Oppression is stubborn captivity that seems not to let go.

  • Oppression is an evil force that presses you down when you are struggling to succeed.

  • Oppression is when you are going from one disappointment to another.

  • Oppression is the devil tool to destroy the mind with no respect of person, religion, age, gender, race and status in life.

  • Oppression is when a person is tired of life and refuses to move forward or wants to end it all.

  • Oppression is when you refuse to forgive yourself.

  • Oppression is when you feel worthless to God and to your peers.

  • Oppression is the dominance of all forms of addiction over a person such as sex, food, drugs of all kind, drinks, smoking, power and prestige.

  • Oppression is when Satan is your boss.

  • Oppression is when you are moving away from your divine destiny and moving towards self destiny.

  • Oppression is progressive insanity.

  • Oppression is when you are spiritually stagnant.

  • Oppression is when you are under constant financial embarrassment.

  • Oppression is when you helpers are running away from you.

  • Oppression is when you notice that evil family patterns are happening to you.

  • Oppression is when everybody around you is doing well except you.

  • A person is under oppression when he always displays fits of anger, rage, constant raising of voice.

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