What is Freedom?

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Give Me Liberty- Chapter 15- “What is Freedom?”: Reconstruction, 1865-1877
What were the sources, goals, and competing visions for Reconstruction?

  1. The Making of Radical Reconstruction

    1. Andrew Johnson

      1. He was the only senator from a seceding state…

      2. Why was he nominated as the vice president?

      3. Why was he unsuited to lead after Lincoln’s death?

    2. The Failure of Presidential Reconstruction

      1. When and why did Johnson draft his plan for Reconstruction?

      2. What were his series of proclamation that became Presidential Reconstruction?

      3. Who mostly returned to power under Johnson’s Reconstruction plan?

        1. How did Republicans in Congress view this plan? Why?

    3. The Black Codes

      1. What did most Republicans despise the most of Johnson’s Plan? Why?

      2. Define Black Codes

      3. Describe how Confederate leaders were treated after the war

    4. The Radical Republicans

      1. Describe who the “Radicals” were, where they had come from, etc.

        1. What did most Radicals believe/embrace-

          1. What did they not want to obstruct reform?

          2. Who were the leading Radicals

        2. What was Thaddeus Steven’s main goal?

        3. Homestead Act of 1862-

    5. The Origins of Civil Rights

      1. Why did Republicans have a majority in Congress?

      2. What did Moderates believe?

      3. What two bills did Trumbull propose?

      4. What did the Civil Rights Bill propose?

        1. How did this impact Black Codes?

        2. What did this represent?

        3. What did the thirteenth amendment do?

        4. How did Johnson respond to the bill? Why?

      5. What happened to the Freedmen’s Bureau?

      6. What happened in April 1866?

    6. The Fourteenth Amendment?

      1. What was the 14th Amendment?

      2. How did this amendment address the right to vote for blacks?

      3. How did the abolition of slavery impact southern political power? Why?

      4. What choice did this amendment offer the South?

      5. How did this amendment impact the political parties?

    7. The Reconstruction Act

      1. What happened in March 1867?

      2. What did the Reconstruction Act of 1867 do?

      3. What motives combined to make this Act?

    8. Impeachment and the Election of Grant

      1. What did the Tenure of Office Act do?

        1. How did Johnson respond?

          1. How did the House of Representatives respond?

      2. What happened in the spring of 1867? How did most Republicans view Johnson?

        1. Why did some moderates not want to impeach Johnson?

        2. What did Johnson promise?

        3. What was the outcome?

      3. Who was nominated as president for Republicans? Why?

      4. What does “waving the bloody shirt” mean and how was it used in the presidential election of 1868?

    9. The Fifteenth Amendment

      1. Who won in 1868?

      2. What did the 15th amendment do?

        1. Did it apply to everyone one? Explain.

    10. The “Great Constitutional Revolution”

      1. What two things did the laws and amendments of Reconstruction reflect?

        1. What did these changes repudiate?

      2. How did the amendments transform the relationship between the federal government and the states?

      3. How did the amendments transform the Constitution?

    11. Boundaries of Freedom

      1. How did Reconstruction “redraw the boundaries” of freedom?

        1. Who was not impacted by the 14th amendment?

    12. The Rights of Women

      1. Describe The Agitator

      2. What were women fighting for?

    13. Feminists and Radicals

      1. What did the 14th amendment introduce into the Constitution for the first time ever?

        1. What was the 15th amendment missing?

      2. How did the 14th and 15th amendments split the Radicals?

        1. Why did women like Stanton and Anthony oppose the 15th amendment?

      3. What happened to the women’s movement in 1869 with women’s rights organizations? Why? (be specific)

      4. Despite the limitations, explain how the 14th and 15th amendments, as well as the Reconstruction Act of 1867 were a departure in American and World History

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12378 -> Focus on the thesis as a group read the question and the following theses. Next, use the provided rubric to score each thesis. Be prepared to discuss with the class the scores you gave each thesis. Question
12378 -> Ap us history- give Me Liberty
12378 -> Race relations
12378 -> The John Marshall Supreme Court: Landmark Cases and Role of the Federal Government Directions
12378 -> Apush period two study guide: I. Colonization/Native Americans
12378 -> Give Me Liberty- chapter 13- a house Divided, 1840-1861
12378 -> The John Marshall Supreme Court: Landmark Cases and Role of the Federal Government Directions
12378 -> Give Me Liberty- chapter 12- an Age of Reform, 1820-1840
12378 -> Unit three study guide: war of 1812, era of good feelings and age of jackson

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