What is Anime?

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Fine Artists

Takashi Murakami Widely known artist however beware of some inappropriate images.


Hayao Miyazaki Popular animator, director, and owner of Studio Ghibli in Japan. Some notable productions include My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc.


Audrey Kawasaki Artist influenced by manga and Art Nouveau styles.


Carmen “CJ” Marrero-Akin American Anime artist dedicated to teaching Anime through the Gainesville Anime Art Museum.


KRAZY! Art show in New York from 2009 that was dedicated to Anime, Manga, and Video Games that featured art work and Anime Film screenings of Akira, Mind Game, Paprika, Patlabor 2, etc.


Additional Resources via IncredibleArt.org

Anime (アニメ)

  • Advanced Anime 4.0 - http://www.advancedanime.com/galleries.php - With galleries and forums.

  • Anime Artists Club - http://anime-artists.deviantart.com/gallery/ - A forum on deviantART.

  • Anime Directory - http://dir.yahoo.com/entertainment/comics_and_animation/animation/anime/- A collection of links on Yahoo.

  • Anime Network - http://www.theanimenetwork.com/ -See Japanese Anime 24 hours a day on the television.

  • Biglobe- http://comics.cplaza.ne.jp/ - With a gallery of anime artists.

  • Colonyone Gallery- http://www.din.or.jp/~c-o/gallery/gallery-Top.html With anime art by Eiji Keneda. To see the art, click on the small black boxes.

  • Hataraki Anime - http://www.hataraki-anime.com/ - A television anime cartoon. 「働きマン」公式サイト

  • Manga.com - http://www.manga.com/ -With forums, galleries and video channels.

  • Manga Volume - http://www.mangavolume.com/ -Read manga magazines online for free.

  • ShowTime - http://www.showtime.jp/genre/animation/- With anime on Japanese television. ショウタイム

  • TV Tokyo's Anime Channel - http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/- See what anime is on TV in Japan.

  • That Anime Project - http://www.umich.edu/~anime/intro.ht - Fantastic review of the Anime culture. Provides history and culture, as well as a breakdown of anime genres.

Contact Information:

Ms. Vanessa Zuniga

Art Teacher at Ferdinand Peck Elementary School – CPS






****All information can be located on my website after Anime Central.****

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