What if Leonardo Da Vinci Never existed?

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What if Leonardo Da Vinci Never existed?

Bipasha Roy

Bipasha Roy

Bipasha Roy

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Leonardo Da Vince, you have probably heard of this magnificent and ultimate Renaissance Man. He said "The painter, who draws by practice and judgment of the eye without the use of reason, is like the mirror that reproduces within itself all the objects which are set opposite to it without knowledge of the same."(The Biography channel) Leonardo Da Vinci showed interest in laws of nature and science, which he showed in his paintings. Leonardo was a painter, draftsmen, sculptor and an inventor. His drawings were used to make machines and building. As well as he painted some of the most famous artworks like the “The Last Supper”, “Leda and the Swan”, “Virgin of the Rocks”, and the Mona Lisa” have greatly influenced many artists and his painting made Leonardo an significant person of the Italian Renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci was a true Renaissance man, and through his exciting life, his fabulous paintings, and through his inventions, he was able to influence both the past and the present. Not just that his inventions helped not just the army, but common people too. If Leonardo Da Vinci never existed then we wouldn’t have the lifestyle we have today.

The Leonardo Da Vinci was an ordinary person with lots of great Idea’s and innovations. His life has taught us tremendous amount of stuff. Throughout Leonardo’s life Leonardo has experienced a really long career filled with times that he celebrated as a painter as well as he experienced the times where he was humiliated and cast away. His life experiences influenced great amount of works he did. And one fact about Leonardo Da Vinci is that His paintings never left the sketchpad, or were only partially completed, as Leonardo often abandoned his commissions in order to flee from social situations” (Leonardo Da Vinci’s Life). Leonardo Da Vinci was one the most important painter during the Italian Renaissance and the Father of the High renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452. He was born in Anchiano it’s a town near the town of Vinci, in Italy. By age 14 he went to Florence and he was practicing under the greatest painter Andrea De Verrocchio. One of his greatest contributions to art was the concept of smoky, also known as atmospheric perspective for six long years he learned numerous amounts of technical skills, including carpentry, leather arts, drawing, sculpting and metalworking, (Leonardo Da Vinci Biography).  Then he was trained as master artist at and finally accepted as an artist in Guild of Saint Luke at an age of 20, by this time he had his own workshop. Then in 1481 Leonardo starts working on the altarpiece, which is The Adoration of the Magi, it was for the Monastery of san Doanto at scopeto. As well Around the same time he was mastering at sketches. Later in 1482 Leonardo moved to Milan to work for the city’s duke, Ludovico Sforza (Ross Stewart, pg. 35). In Milan he gets known as the painter and the engineer of the duke, which is quite a honorable position back in those days. While his stay in Milan in 1483 Leonardo paints the virgin of the rocks but again it never was completed, because after two years he moved onto his another painting in 1485 he paints the Lady with an Ermine. For 10 years he didn’t do anything that great, he was just making his normal sketches and paintings. Besides in 1495, Leonardo starts working on his one of the famous paintings The Last Supper in Maria dell Geazie in Milan. It was completed by the end 1498. And there ended his stay in Milan, in 1499 when duke Ludovico fall from power Leonardo went to Venice. There in 1500’s he starts painting the Virgin and the child with the saint Anne. This was a project that he only could finish in 10 years. (Stanley Diane, Pg. 16) Besides that in the same year he decides to return back to Florence. After that in 1502 he became senior military architect and general engineer for Ceasare Borgia, son of pope alexander VI (Leonardo Da Vinci’s Life). Now comes the biggest achievement of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life, the MONA LISA. In 1503 Leonardo was specially hired to make the Mona Lisa. However while he was painting the Mona Lisa, Leonard Da Vinci was also assigned an assignment to paint a fresco which is a kind of a wall painting for the council hall in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, which is to be the battle of Anghiari, it was a work that remained unfinished (Leonardo Da Vinci’s life). Several years pass by making painting for other people and making sketches and working as a painter. Leonardo was growing old, but his passion for painting remained the same. In the 1515 Leonardo paints the Saint John Baptist and unfortunately like all his other paintings he never completed this one either, since he was such a perfectionist. As well as in 1516 the king of France was so impressed by Leonardo’s work and invited him to come work for him, but he worked with the king for only 3 years. In 1519 on May 2nd he died in Cloux, France; He died in the age of 67. The legend is that the king Francis was at his side when he died, holding his head. In Leonardo Da Vinci’s Biography it say’s “Da Vinci has been called a genius and the archetypical Renaissance man. His talents in arguably extended far beyond his artistic works. Like many leaders of Renaissance humanism, he did not see a divide between science and art”

Leonardo is recognized for his portrayals. He has drawn few of the most famous paintings during the renaissance history and today’s history. In 1482, Lorenzo Di Medici he was a man from a well-known and from an important Italian Family. He specially made Leonardo Da Vinci paint this painting so that he could give it to Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan. Leonardo Da Vinci worked for them nearly 18 years (1482-99). Lorenzo wanted Leonardo to paint a religious scene of Jesus and the Apostles at the last supper. The painting itself is really huge its 460 x 880 cm which is about 15 x 29 ft. (The last supper.) You can find the original painting of Leonardo Da Vinci on a wall of the Diner hall in the religious community of Santa Maaria delle Geazie in Milan, Italy. Leonardo Painted this painting for 4 years He started in 1495 and completes it in 1498, but there is an anecdote that Leonardo never completed this painting as all of his other paintings. The Other world Famous painting that the great Leonardo Da Vinci made was the Mona Lisa which is one of the most famous paintings in the world. Mona Lisa its eyes can follow people around, whenever you look at Mona Lisa it looks like she is looking at you. It feels like she is following you with her eyes. Everybody knows that Mona Lisa is painted by Leonardo Da Vinci but the woman in the painting is still unknown. Some say that it is Francesco Del Giaconda’s wife but it’s all a tale. The Mona Lisa painting’s original name is Monna Lisa it was an Italian short form of Madonna which means “my lady”. In 1956, Ugo Ungaza threw a rock at the painting of Mona Lisa and damaged the paint near her left elbow. But even before that Mona Lisa’s painting had lost its extraordinary fame of this work. But if Leonardo Da Vinci never existed then our world now will never have gotten the artistic perspective that Leonardo introduced through his painting of Mona Lisa. He has inspired the hearts of many young artists’ by his art work nowadays.

Leonardo Da Vinci may be famous for his works as an artist, but has also actually spent quite a bit of time working on his affection towards science and technology. His detailed sketched and distinct artistry played a large role in his inventions. Later in history his sketchbooks later provided evidence that Leonardo had many ideas even before our latest technology actually thought of it and had built it. Leonardo was one of the most creative inventors in the history. He visualized many inventions in a lot of different fields, before anybody could even think about it (Leonardo Da Vinci; the truth). He designed types of weapons that would be helpful during the war; he designed flying machines, water systems or work tools (Leonardo Da Vinci: an inventor ahead of his time). He was an ultimate Renaissance man, but he never created working models he only made detailed sketches that helped our recent technology to be more affective. He sketches are still used as guides for building stuff (Bellis Mary). Helicopter was one of the most famous inventions he had made. Though the first actual helicopter was built till the 1940’s but it is still said that Leonardo made the sketches in the late fifteenth century. And like all the other Ideas he never builds and tested an actual model. But his sketches and notes described exactly how it will operate. Da Vinci’s helicopter measured more than 15 feet in diameter and it was made from reed, linen, and wire. The helicopter was the only invention he made he also invented the Artillery Park, The Stretching Device in for Barrel Spring in 1498, The designs for the boat 1485-1487, The ornithoper flying Machine, design for a flying Machinen1488, Armored Car, Giant cross bow, Machine for storming walls, Eight Barreled Machine gun, Automatic Igniting device for firearms, And the Leonardo Da Vinci parachute drawing (Leonardo Da Vinci: an inventor ahead of his time). Without him we would not have all these things today. He even created the submarine, but in 1624 Van Drebell created his first working model.

Today, If Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t exist in history then our life would have been like the black and white days. It would be different because if he wasn’t born then we would have no airplanes or helicopter, no parachute. And all the inventions that he has made for us to use during the war like the crossbow it can shoot 6 bows per minute and can even pierce through a metal armor. Thanks to Leonardo Da Vinci. Without him we would have no helicopter that can fly to our destination in several hours. If we didn’t have that then we would have to sail for days and maybe get seasick or get a disease and die. And his painting even though it is not completed they are some of the Masterpieces of the world and all his painting are priceless. He has been an inspiration for our young painters to follow his path. Not just that but Leonardo has even been a motivation for the new scientists and engineers. His sketching has made all of our lives better in different ways that we think of it as necessity, but if he wasn’t there maybe we wouldn’t have it or it would rather be a luxury. Leonardo Da Vinci said that I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.'Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death”. This herby proves that Leonardo Da Vinci was a true renaissance man, and throughout his life his hard work has given us the ability to fight better in war’s, to create such perspectives in paintings, as well as his inventions and innovations made so much easy for us now to study the human anatomy. If he never existed then we wouldn’t have all of this great history and inventions now, and we probably wouldn’t have find out about this till later in history.

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