What evidence do we have today that the Anglo-Saxons were here in the first place?

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  1. What evidence do we have today that the Anglo-Saxons were here in the first place?

    1. Complete a ‘Find the City’ challenge. Children discover the Anglo-Saxon cities through the names of them.

    2. Children to write about one building that still exists today from the Anglo-Saxon time period.

    Which Anglo-Saxon Christian symbols remain with us today?

    1. Children to sketch a cross inspired by Anglo-Saxon art.

    2. Children to take on the role of an archaeologist giving details as to how we know that this cross was form the Anglo-Saxon time period.
    Year 5 - Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing? http://thumb1.shutterstock.com/thumb_small/483673/483673,1308601411,9/stock-vector-start-sign-cartoon-79833007.jpg

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Who were the Anglo-Saxons and how did they influence our lives today?

Children will research the Anglo-Saxons. They will answer these questions:

  • Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

  • Where did they settle?

  • Why did they invade?

  • What time period is this from?

  • Who were the leaders?

  • Challenge: Find an interesting fact about them.



Can you create your own Anglo-Saxon art focusing on tessellations?

Children will create their own Anglo Saxon tessellation. This will be combined with using coding and robotics from our ICT curriculum. Children will use scratch the produce a tessellation pattern inspired by the Anglo-Saxons.

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How did Anglo-Saxons bring law and order to Britain?

1) Children to explore the different law and order that took place throughout the Anglo-Saxon time period.

2) Children to write a non-chronological report about the different types of law and order making comparisons with today.

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  1. Can you work as a group to create a model Anglo-Saxon settlement?

    In groups, children are to plan their own settlement using the research that they have completed. Ensure to incorporate:

    1. What materials are being used?

    2. How the settlement would have been used?

    3. Who would have used it?

    4. Why would it have been built in this way?
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  1. Who were the famous Anglo-Saxons, and why was Alfred ‘so great’?

    1. Children create a fact file about a famous Anglo-Saxon.

    2. Identify why they were so famous and what they did for the Anglo-Saxons.

    3. Children to research who Alfred the Great was and the impact he had on the Anglo-Saxon traditions.
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Using the models of the children’s settlements as their inspiration, children will create a documentary explaining the day in the life of an Anglo-Saxon.






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