What Do You Know About Great Britain? fairly difficult

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1. Anne Hathaway's Cottage is the old house near ..... in which Shakespeare's wife was born.

a) London b) Oxford c) Cardiff d) Stratford-upon-Avon
2. The highest mountain in Wales is called ..... .
a) Snowdon b) Ben Nevis c) Skiddaw d) High Willhays
3. Hadrian's Wall is an ancient wall built by order of the Roman emperor Hadrian in the ..... century AD to defend the northern border of England against attacks by Celtic tribes.
a) 1st b) 4th c) 2nd d) 3rd
4. The wars in ..... between the house of York and the house of Lancaster are called the Wars of the Roses.
a) the first half of 15th century b) the second half of 15th century
c) the first half of 14th century d) the second half of 14th century
5. The English Civil War is the war between the Cavaliers and the Roundheads in ..... .
a) the mid-17th century b) the mid-18th century
c) the mid-16th century d) the mid-15th century
6. The Battle of Trafalgar was a decisive naval battle that took place off Cape Trafalgar on ..... .
a) 06/06/1944 b) 21/10/1805 c) 11/11/1918 d) 05/11/1605
7. The Golden Age took place in ..... .
a) the mid-15th century b) the second half of the 17th century
c) the second half of the 16th century d) the mid-18th century
8. D-day was on ..... when Anglo-American troops landed in Normandy.
a) 06/06/1944 d) 05/11/1605 c) 11/11/1918 d) 15/09/1940
9. The Globe Theatre was built in ..... on the South bank of the Thames, London.
a) 1666 b) 1707 c) 1588 d) 1599
10. The Act of Union was passed in ..... and declared the union of England and Scotland.
a) 1666 b) 1707 c) 1588 d) 1599 

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