What did the Dred Scott decision say that the Constitution allowed?

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Ch. 7 Study Guide

  1. What did the Dred Scott decision say that the Constitution allowed?______________________

  2. What is the 14th amendment?___________________________

  3. What did the 24th amendment end?_____________________________

  4. What group pushed for the 19th amendment?_______________________________

  5. What might be an argument behind the 26th amendment?_____________________________

  6. Any citizen or group of citizens can do what?_______________________

  7. Several Constitutional amendments reflect a change in attitude about what?___________________

  8. In the 1800s why did tensions grow between northern and southern states?_____________________________

  9. Who /what has the final say in interpreting the Constitution?___________________________

  10. What can change a Supreme Court decision other than a later court decision?_______________________________

  11. Plessy v. Ferguson ruled that segregation was legal as long as what happened?__________________________

  12. Plessy v. Ferguson was overturned by what?___________________________

  13. People who oppose affirmative action argue that it results in what happening?___________________

  14. In Phillips v. Martin Marietta Corp., the Supreme Court ruled that a company couldn’t have what?___________________________

  15. The Supreme Court helps adapt the Constitution to our changing society by doing what?______________________________

  16. What steps did the framers of the Constitution take to win support of southern states for ratification?_____________________________________

  17. What finally ended the slavery issue?________________________

  18. Why is the 14th amendment called the 2nd Bill of Rights?_________________________________

  19. The 19th amendment was ratified when?_________________________

  20. Women were denied the right to vote because people thought what about women?_______________________

  21. What did the most recent voting rights amendment do?___________________________

  22. The most recent amendment to the Constitution dealt with what?_________________________

  23. As soon as slavery was abolished what happened in the states?___________________________

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