What Defeated a Negative Income Tax?: Constructing a Causal Explanation of a Politically Controversial Historical Event

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Once its Chairman Wilbur Mills (D, Arkansas) and ranking Republican John W. Byrnes (Wisconsin) decided to modify and back FAP, the House Committee on Ways and Means formulated and reported a bill by a 21 to 3 vote on March 11, 1970. Mills led the House floor debate for FAP where his bill passed 243 to 155 on April 16, 1970. However, in the Senate Finance Committee, ranking Republican Williams (Delaware) firmly opposed the FAP welfare reform approach and Chairman Long (D, Louisiana) played an ambiguous role. A modified version of the House bill suffered a 10 to 6 Senate Finance Committee defeat (with Long voting for the bill) on November 20, 1970 and no version of FAP ever reached the Senate floor during the 91st Congress.

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