What caused the great depression?

Recovery from the Great Depression

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Recovery from the Great Depression

LESTER V. CHANDLER, America’s Greatest Depression, 1929–1941 (1970), provides a

detailed description of the many programs implemented to deal with the Depression in the

United States. BARRY EICHENGREEN and JEFFREY SACHS, “Exchange Rates and Economic Recovery in the 1930s,” Journal of Economic History, 45(4):925–946 (December 1985), discusses how devaluation and monetary expansion contributed to economic recovery from the Depression in many countries.

Two studies that examine the role of policy in ending the American Depression are: E.

CARY BROWN, “Fiscal Policy in the ’Thirties: A Reappraisal,” American Economic Review,

46(5):857–879 (December 1956); and CHRISTINA D. ROMER, “What Ended the Great

Depression?” Journal of Economic History, 52(4):757–784 (December 1992).

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