What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased

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Making A Difference: Great Teachers, 2011 Essay Contest

“What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased” - Unknown.

April sixteenth began as a great day but will forever be remembered as the worst day of my life.

Roughly five months of planning and the day of my senior project, a Cinderella’s Closet, was finally here. We were once again able to see that where the abundance of dresses were hung was actually my moms dining room. For my project I gathered gently worms prom and formal dresses and gowns that were in most cases, only worn once. I was fortunate to have made some wonderful contacts and was able to advertise on two local TV stations and in our newspaper. Many generous people donated their dream dresses in order to help me make my endeavor a success. I decided months before this to make the Helping Hands Society of Hazleton, PA my benefactor of the sale. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and work with the children and staff while in the Junior Leadership program in my area, and immediately felt drawn to this organization. With the help of my mother and younger sister we managed to get everything to my school gymnasium. To my surprise my Family Consumer Science teacher, Ms. Bobbi Ann Kufro showed up not far behind us. Before we knew it the event was over and an astonishing fifteen hundred dollars was raised for the Helping Hands Society. With a smile plastered on my face I rushed home to tell my dad the exciting news. “I am so proud of you Tracy, I love you”, were his last words to me not only before I had to leave for work, but forever.

I was aware that getting back into school would be difficult, but Ms. Kufro made it a point to let me know that she was there for me any day, any time. Without even speaking a word she knew when I was having a rough time. She willingly opened her door to offer me a safe-haven as well as words of encouragement. Not only has she affected my life personally but in the classroom as well. Ms. Kufro teaches adult roles and has enlightened my classmates and I on the importance of procedures such as banking and paying your bills on time. Ms. Kufro is not only teaching us about these vital life skills because it is apart of the curriculum, but because she genuinely cares about the younger generation and wants us all to succeed in life.

I am singling out Ms. Kufro, but have to say that we are extremely fortunate at Weatherly Area High School to have such a caring staff. The level of care and concern that was shown to me during this life-altering event was truly remarkable and will never be forgotten.

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