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Who conquered the Byzantine Empire [Outside Information]?

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Who conquered the Byzantine Empire [Outside Information]? __________________

  1. Eastern Christendom

  1. With the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West, the Eastern Empire survived

  2. Centered on the magnificent city of Constantinople

  1. Great location for trade: Between Asia and Eastern Europe

  2. Possessed a more defensible capital: shorter frontier to guard

  3. Access to Black Sea and command of Eastern Mediterranean Sea

  1. Fearing contamination by “barbarian” customs, emperors forbade residents of Constantinople from wearing boots, trousers, long hairstylesOnly robes/sandals

  2. And rapid Arab/Islamic expansion in the 7th century resulted in losses

  3. Yet until 1200s, more compact Byzantine Empire remained in eastern Mediterranean, controlling Greece, much of Balkans, Anatolia

  4. The Emperor

  1. Political authority remained tightly centralized in Constantinople, where emperor claimed to govern all creation as God’s worldly representative

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