Wh c 4 English Rulers Presentation: In the project you will report on the Monarch’s of England

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WH Ch4.4 English Rulers Presentation:

  1. In the project you will report on the Monarch’s of England.

  1. You will do this in the form of a “Prezi “presentation. In the Presentation you will report on a series of questions (below) which you must answer in your presentation.

  1. Answer these questions to determine information about each Ruler.

    1. Over what years did the monarch rule?

    2. What viewpoints did the ruler emphasize?

    3. What major events took place during their leadership?

    4. Major did accomplishments the rulers achieve?

    5. Lineage

  1. The presentation will start with the ruler name and the time period for which they ruled?

  1. A photo of the ruler and a photo of a major event must be included.

  1. You will use the book and the internet to find the information. *Use your own words zero will result in plagiarism (no cut and paste of words).

Ruler list:

  1. Henry VIII

  2. Mary I

  3. Elizabeth I

  4. James I

  5. Charles I

  6. Cromwell

  7. Charles II

  8. James II

  9. William and Mary

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