Wgsst 2367. 02 Us latina Writers Tue/Thu 11: 10 am-12: 30 pm Smith Lab 1064 Instructor

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Ground Rules for Discussion

It is important that we recognize that we will have different opinions, backgrounds and experiences. In order for us all to gain the most from our time together in class, sharing our own perspectives and experiences as they relate to the readings will definitely come up and is encouraged.

  • Respectful listening: We may not always agree with one another, but we each deserve to be heard.

  • Compassion: Never forget there is a human being behind an opinion, and that we are all at different levels of growth, awareness and life experiences.

  • Confidentiality: When we share personal stories in the context of larger concepts, they become part of the classroom and should stay within the context.

  • Mistakes: We learn through sharing what doesn’t work and where things fall apart. We learn from mistakes to know what can work well.

  • Don’t deny your emotions: We will explore the issues of privileges, oppressions and probably some controversial issues in order to learn and practice a more ethical and responsible ways of knowing differences. During the learning process, it is very normal to feel resistant, angry and uneasy at some point. Don’t deny the emotions but try to understand where they come from and how they can help us learn and transform.

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