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W38 #2 Westward Expansion miniDBQ Native Americans

Body Paragraph 1
• Subthesis – what argument will you make in this paragraph Weather-related school closings are
difficult because administrators often have incomplete data on which to base their decisions and
because the consequences of failure are serious.
• Analysis and supporting evidence o Use outside info just like you always have in long essays – even if you don’t have docs about weather forecasts, you’re going to want to talk about how they are often wrong o Use the documents in the same way -- as evidence. Just make sure that you ALSO bring in ONE aspect of HIPP for each document as you use it. At the end of the sentence, put a quick Doc A) to help you and me keep track of what docs you’ve used. o NEVER start a sentence with Document A says or As seen in Document AI will stop reading your essay if you do this. This will make your essay be about the documents…it is about the prompt and your argument. o Let’s say you have a copy of yesterday’s HCPSS twitter feed as a document. You could use it this way
“While the decision to close schools is an easy one to make after a heavy overnight
snow, an early-morning storm poses special difficulties. An unnecessary closure
brings derision and complaints about southern drivers, while a failure to close

© 2007 Smithsonian Institution
schools brings public wrath and potential tragedy. Angry parents and students are
quick to use social media to voice their complaints. A bad decision can result in an
online explosion of tweets calling for firings, sharing pictures of dangerous roads,
advocating for better decision-making, and often just commiserating and venting
displeasure (Doc X. It is unclear what impact these posts have on future decisions,
as their audience is just as likely to be the tweeters fellow students, teachers, and
parents as the school administration
See? This uses the doc as evidence fora point, but it’s not ABOUT the doc. I don’t quote the twitter feed. From HIPP, I include both purpose and audience – but you only need one.
• A clincher sentence for the paragraph that wraps up that point and transitions to the next. “While
weather-related decisions pose immediate crises, they are seasonal and rarely have long-term
consequences. Other decisions may have the luxury of time for analysis, but pose longer-term
consequences for staffing, budgeting, and student success

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